Special Collections

From the Vault

The steel shelves of the GBH vault hold six decades of radio and television programs, an exuberant collection of finished shows and outtakes, successes and missteps, all stored at a constant, cool 62 degrees. “From the Vault,” launched in 2011, is an ongoing collaboration with GBH Radio (89.7), and GBH.org, bringing treasures from the archive to new audiences, when rights permit.

While most of the Open Vault collections are designed for scholarly research, “From the Vault” is meant for a wider viewership. Selections to date give a sense of the range of the GBH collection, from a rare, unedited 1990 interview with Steve Jobs, to interviews with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and James Baldwin for a 1963 program called “The Negro and the American Promise,” a 1967 film featuring Dr. Timothy Leary making the case for LSD, and clips from the first ZOOM series in the early 1970s.

Check back with us from time to time to see what new gems we’ve brought off the shelves and back out into the world.