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World; Search for Sandra Laing, The


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Search for Sandra Laing, The
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Documentary series with international stories. Predecessor to FRONTLINE, executive producer David Fanning. Five seasons from 1978-1981. "WORLD has presented a series of international documentaries. One of our concerns has been to show the world as others see it, and we are committed to the idea that we should include those who normally don't have a chance to have their voices heard." -- quote from opening to Blacks Britannica (1978) Series release date: 1978

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Ten year old Sandra Laing became the center of South African policies regarding race when her features and complexion labeled her as "colored." Her parents are poor white Afrikaners and staunch supporters of the Nationalist Government that had framed South Africa's race laws. This film returns 11 years after the fracas to trace the consequences and the Afrikaner struggle to maintain their separate racial identity.



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Global Affairs
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