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Basic Black; Conversation With Author Tracy Sharpley-Whiting


CC Master Tracy Sharpley-Whiting Show #3908 Tape Date: 1/7/08 Broadcast Date: 1/24/08 Producer Valerie Linson Length: 26:46

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Basic Black
Conversation With Author Tracy Sharpley-Whiting
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THe series was formerly known as Say Brother. Series title change as of 1/8/1998. This series is black produced and is one of public television's longest-running series that is rooted in and reflects the culture, concerns, achievements and history of people of African descent. Also includes controversial issues, African American artists, and events of special interest to the African American community.

Series release date: 1/8/1998

Program Description

In Tracy Sharpley-Whiting’s new book, Pimps Up, Ho’s Down: Hip Hop’s Hold on Young Black Women, feminism goes heat-to-head with hip-hop culture and its alarming portrayal of black women. In conversation with host Kim McLarin, Sharpley-Whiting outlines the impact on young men and women who pursue the hip hop lifestyle as well as who really profits from the glorification of the ‘gangsta” mentality.

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Broadcast program

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Race and Ethnicity
Social Issues
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