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Basic Black; Forgotten Warriors: Blacks In The Korean War

Part of Stories of East and South East Asia.

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Basic Black
Forgotten Warriors: Blacks In The Korean War
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The series was formerly known as Say Brother. Series title change as of 1/8/1998. This series is black produced and is one of public television's longest-running series that is rooted in and reflects the culture, concerns, achievements and history of people of African descent. Also includes controversial issues, African American artists, and events of special interest to the African American community.

Series release date: 1/8/1998

Program Description

In between WWII and Vietnam, the Korean War is often referred to as the forgotten war. Fifty years ago this year, African American soldiers fought alongside their white counterparts in the first officially integrated fighting force from the United States. It was a decade of turmoil; the dawn of the Cold War, the atomic arms race and America's civil rights movement. BASIC BLACK looks at the experience of the African American soldier in Korea, the forgotten of the forgotten war. Possible participants would include decorated veterans of the conflict, a former Korean War prisoner of war and the voices of Korean civilians recalling the presence of African Americans in their war torn country.



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Social Issues
Military Forces and Armaments
Social Issues - Racism
Race and Ethnicity
Duarte, Darren (Series Executive Producer)
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