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Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan; Scenics (East coast)

Part of Stories of East and South East Asia.

Scenics (East coast) of Taiwan. Agricultural fields and people working them. 3:00:30:00 Suao fish market, close ups on dead sharks for sale, footage of people shopping, and workers butchering and logging fish; footage of sharks being taken out of boats. 21:44 High angle Suao harbor boats. Temple across water. The Lukang Tianhou Temple, also known as the Lukang Mazu Temple, pilgrims and a ceremony.

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Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan

Scenics (East coast)

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Weaving personal testimonies with rare archival film, this documentary examines the forces that have shaped the past and present of the tiny island 90 miles off the shores of China -- forces that continue to make Taiwan vulnerable to major power confrontations in the near future. The rare footage -- carefully stored and preserved over the years in a major film archive in Taiwan -- is a critical element of this program, which begins in 1895 as the Sino-Japanese war was ending in victory for Japan.



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Employment and Labor
Agriculture and Farming
Architecture and Design
Boats and Boating
Global Affairs
Vecchione, Judith (Producer)
Wren, Deborah (Narrator)
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WGBH Educational Foundation
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