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In Search of the Real America; State of the Unions


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In Search of the Real America
State of the Unions
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Host Ben Wattenberg looks at the achievements of the free enterprise system in America. Series release date: 1977

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Conservatives say labor unions stifle the economy, and liberals charge that unions have lost their zest for social change. Ben Wattenberg tangles with the left and the right in this 60 minute special, claiming that unions have helped make America the most productive country in the world. In the course of proving his point, Ben takes on economist Milton Friedman, Assistant Secretary of Labor Ernest Green, and a procession of union leaders, including United Farm Workers president Cesar Chavez. Also appearing in the program are Lane Kirkland, Secretary Treaurer of the AFL-CIO; and William Winpisinger, President of the Machinist Union.



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