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Woof! It’s A Dog’s Life; Woof! It's A Dog's Life 104


104 of 13 episodes

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Woof! It’s A Dog’s Life
Woof! It's A Dog's Life 104
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Series Description

Broadcast 1998 This series provides the definitive guide to living happily with a dog. Host Margolis brings dog owners and animal enthusiasts his lively, sometimes quirky lessons in training and understanding dogs. From choosing the perfect puppy to combating problem behavior, WOOF! covers the spectrum of issues facing dog owners. Each program contains segments on training basics, personality types and a feature with a well-known guest or specially trained dog. Series release date: 1998

Program Description

Comedian Fred Travalena finds his Poodle's teething problem is no laughing matter and gets a helping hand from Margolis; Matty encounters a headstrong Basset Hound named Archie unable to master the command "down," and in New York City, a group of dog owners learn how to get their dogs to "come" when called. Special guest and Hollywood dog trainer Joel Silverman, who has trained dogs for the movie Back to the Future and the TV series Empty Nest, gives us the scoop on what it takes to transform Rover into a celluloid star. Silverman's own dog, Duke, is on hand to "proudly" demonstrate the tips.

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