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Simply Ming; Thai Basil/ Butter


Thai Basil and Butter show with guest Michelle Bernstein Anamorphic

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Simply Ming
Thai Basil/ Butter
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Ironically, Americans tend to complicate their lives in an effort to simplify them. In SIMPLY MING, chef Ming Tsai helps make the yearning for a more manageable lifestyle a reality. Tsai, experienced in classical French, new American and Pan-Asian cuisine, first introduced viewers to his unique blend of global culinary traditions in his Food Network series, East Meets West With Ming Tsai. In this new series for public television, Tsai provides a repertoire of very simple recipes which viewers can integrate into numerous dishes. Each of his flavor-packed sauces, salsas, pastes, rubs, stocks, syrups and doughs consists of fewer than seven ingredients, and each requires no more than 20 minutes to prepare. Guest include Martin Yan, Todd English, Jody Adams, Gordon Hamersley, Jasper White and others. 2004. Series release date: 2004

Program Description

This season East-West Cooking gets a makeover as Ming introduces simple one-pot segments, focuses on two core ingredients for each dish, and brings viewers out of the studio and into the kitchens of some of the world’s most celebrated chefs.

Guest Chef: Michelle Bernstein (Miami)

Savory Thai Basil is combined with smooth, creamy butter for the premiere episode of SIMPLY MING’s sixth season. Chef Ming Tsai creates this East-West pairing for three recipes that take Italian food much farther East. First, Ming simplifies dinner with an all-in-one recipe – Sweet Potato Ravioli with Basil-Brown Butter, an easy dish that uses wonton skins for the ravioli shells. Later, Ming travels to Miami, where renowned Chef Michelle Bernstein puts her East-West spin on the key ingredients, cooking up Thai Basil and Butter Prawns. Back in his studio kitchen, Ming dishes out a Creamy Thai Basil Polenta. For dessert, a sweet and savory Thai Basil-Blueberry Crumble combines the East-West duo.


Michelle Bernstein's Thai Basil and Butter Contessa Head-On Shrimp

Creamy Thai Basil Polenta

Sweet Potato Ravioli with Basil-Brown Butter

Thai Basil-Blueberry Crumble



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