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Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?; What Goes Up

Dolby A NR Stereo.

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Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
What Goes Up
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Challenging and exciting daily quiz show based on the best-selling computer game of the same name (which was created by Broderbund Software.) Contestants compete to recover exotic treasures from infamous thief Carmen Sandiego, and audience learns geography in the process. Aimed at 6-13 year olds. Stars Greg Lee as the host, Lynne Thigpen as "Chief,"features the four-man a cappella group Rockapella. In each episode, contestants decipher a variety of clues to determine where master criminal Carmen Sandiego is hiding out with the day's stolen loot. Clues come in the form of animations, wacky live characters, props and "reports" from a wide range of celebrities. Grand prize: a trip to anywhere in the contiguous US. Series release date: 11/21/1995

Program Description

What Goes Up

It's "Reuse Your Junk Day" and George and the Man with the Yellow Hat have one last pickup before they go to the lake. But when they arrive at Renkins' Farm, they find a mountain of junk piled in the Renkins' living room. There's no way they'll finish the job before the suns goes down, which means no lake for George. While the Man is taking a load to the collection center, George discovers that he can use the ironing board as a lever to launch the junk out of the living room and onto the front yard. Soon, all the pigs, chickens, and squirrels are ducking for cover! George's ingenious invention got all the junk outside, but it's scattered everywhere! Did this little monkey cause more work for himself?

Educational Objective (Engineering): To develop an understanding of how things work. To develop an understanding of how levers work.

Live Action Segment An older child has a challenge for some younger kids. Try to launch a tennis ball to accurately hit a target area. They use thin wooden panels of different lengths for springboards, and PVC pipe pieces as fulcrums. The kids try different combinations of springboard and fulcrum arrangements. Variations in board length, fulcrum position, and strike velocity are explored as the kids try to score high points for successful launches.



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Broadcast program

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Game Show
Taylor, Kate (Series Producer)
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