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Mother’s Little Network

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Mother’s Little Network
Program Description

Tony Kahn, Arnie Reisman, Dick Bartlett, Ernie Foss and Nancy Spiller in half-hour comedy. Billing itself as “the only show on PBS with no English host,” this comic program presents several short skits. Many of these rely on visual gags. A tortilla falls onto a record turntable. Four hard-boiled detectives narrating a story from the wheel of a car turn out to be driving the same car. A flaming cheeseburger crashes into a miniature set. A lucky fisherman literally has fish flying out of the air at him. “Bionic Bag Boy” runs through the aisles of the supermarket. In a Psycho-esque shower scene a woman is pelted with cream pies. A character reminiscent of “Taxi Driver’s” Travis Bickle gives a cab ride to a group of disgruntled stuffed animals in a skit entitled “Taxi Dermist.” In a segment evocative of Mr. Rodgers neighborhood, “Mr. Ernie” takes of his sweater and shoes, continuing to strip down to his boxer shorts.

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Fred Barzyk (Producer)
Dick Bartlett (Director)
Fosselius, Ernie (Subject)
Weinstein, Cecil (Subject)
Rousseau, Norman (Subject)
Weinstein, Frances (Subject)
Connors, Elizabeth (Subject)
Kahn, Tony (Subject)
Spiller, Nancy (Subject)
Haydock, Roger (Subject)
Chamberlain, Jayne (Subject)
Reisman, Arnie (Subject)
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