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ZOOM, Series II; Best of the 70's; Here's How You Do It

Part of From the Vault. Part of “Come on and ZOOM!”: ZOOM and 1970s American Childhood.

Re-live your favorite ZOOM memories! In this short clip, ZOOM kid Bernadette shows viewers how to perform her complex arm-swinging routine.

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ZOOM, Series II
Best of the 70's

Here's How You Do It

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Season 3: new ZOOMers � Buzz, Eric, Frances, Kaleigh and Rachel. Returning ZOOMers, Caroline and Kenny Season 2: new ZOOMers �Caroline, Claudio, Jessie, Kenny, Ray. Returning ZOOMers: Alisa and Zoe. Season 1: The ZOOM cast - Kaiko, Jared, Alisa, Pablo, Lynese, Zoe, and David�range in age from nine to 13 and hail from towns in or around greater Boston and Nashua, NH. On a typical show, Alisa demonstrates how to make chocolate-covered bananas (CafeZOOM); Jared and Zoe launch film canister rockets (ZOOMsci); and the entire cast dissolves into laughter while playing �Simon Says . . . Not!� (ZOOMgame). Other recurring segments include: ZOOMa cum laude, honors given to kids who have done terrific things; ZOOMzinger, challenges to strain the brain and body; ZOOMdo, arts projects; ZOOMplayhouse, skits and plays performed by the cast; and ZOOMtale, original stories and poems. There�s ZOOMguest, which introduces viewers to kids with cool hobbies like speed skating, fly fishing, unicycling, dog sledding, and rock climbing. At its heart, ZOOM is much more than entertaining television: it�s also a literacy series that encourages kids to write down their ideas and take an active approach to learning. Series release date: 1997



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Variety shows (Television programs)
Children's television programs--United States
Zoom (Television program : United States)
Taylor, Kate (Series Producer)
Sarson, Christopher (Executive Producer)
Yao, Bernadette (Performer)
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