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Antiques Roadshow FYI; Antiques Roadshow FYI 126


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Antiques Roadshow FYI
Antiques Roadshow FYI 126
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Fans of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW have wrestled with these weighty questions since the hit PBS series debuted eight years ago. Beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2005 the producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW proudly present this brand-new weekly series of 26 half-hour programs, revealing the answers to What happens to the stuff after the owners leave the convention hall? ... Where can I get the best deals? ... What are the hot collectibles right now? ... What do the appraisers collect? and more!

Hosted by ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's Lara Spencer with correspondent Clay Reynolds, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI is the perfect complement to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW — a digest that gives viewers tools to enrich and improve their own treasure hunts. A cross-country excursion with stops in America's top antiques shows and auctions. Candid conversations and trade secrets from ROADSHOW experts. Unsolved mysteries surrounding stolen works of art and surprising updates on treasures from past ROADSHOW episodes. Series release date: 1/19/2005

Program Description

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI correspondent Clay Reynolds discovers the owner of a Simon Halbig-made Joan of Arc doll — appraised for $1,500 at the San Diego, California, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW — was no martyr when it came to deciding what to do with it. Then, Matt Burstein of Burma Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts demonstrates the age-old furniture restoration methods he uses, with a stunning chestnut and mahogany desk as his model. Next, appraiser David Lackey offers hope to anyone who's ever lost or broken a piece of grandma's heirloom crystal as he introduces the crystal matching service where patterns and complimentary pieces are tracked down to make a collection — and maybe even a family — complete again. Wrapping up the episode is expert Chris Jussel's story of a very unique punch bowl, commissioned by Eleanor Roosevelt in celebration of her husband's successful reelection campaign for Governor of New York. Viktor Schreckengost's Jazz Bowl was so well liked that he produced several more for the Roosevelts and about 150 pieces for commercial distribution. 2006 marks Schreckengost's 100th birthday and a call to find the roughly 100 bowls not presently accounted for in museums and private collections — a treasure hunt worth a grand total of $25,000,000!



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Antiques and Collectibles
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