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Ten O'Clock News; Apartheid Protest


Callie Crossley interviews several students about the student occupation of Ballou Hall at Tufts University. One female student says that the demonstrators have demanded that the university divest completely from South Africa and that the university increase financial aid for low-income and minority students. She criticizes the administration's decision to bar food from Ballou Hall during the student occupation. She remarks that the demonstrations across the nation prove that college students are not apathetic. Members of this protest have been circulating petitions, recently issued a report on institutional racism at Tufts, and received over 2,000 signatures (more than half the student body) on their petitions. A male student, the editor of the school paper, is interviewed as well who argues that while divestment is a complicated issues, this protest is counterproductive and the students are making things confrontational with the administration. He suggests holding a committee forum to discuss the issue further. He is skeptical that the students' demands will be met immediately. He further discusses Tufts' current image and history in social/political activism. A second female student is interviewed about her thoughts on the issue. An administrator is interviewed and asked about the administration's position on the demonstration. He states that they will let the demonstration run it's course and is working on informing the student body of what the university is doing. He also states that Tufts currently has agreed to selective divestment, not total divestment. Reporter compares this protest to activism seen in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Ten O'Clock News

Apartheid Protest

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NIGHTLY NEWS WITH CHRISTOPHER LYDON AND CARMEN FIELDS Began January 1976. Replaced evening news show EVENING COMPASS. Original host: Steve Nevas. Other anchors, Christopher Lydon (1977-91) and Gail Harris (1983). In 1980 - hour long. Ended in 1991.

(PREDECESSORS: Louis Lyons began news operations at WGBH in 1952. The News at 10 began in 1966. The Reporters premiered in 1970. The Evening Compass started in 1974.) Series release date: 1/1976



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Universities and colleges
Tufts University
Student protesters
Anti-apartheid movements
South Africa
Medford (Mass.)
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Crossley, Callie (Reporter)
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