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Frames of Reference; Portraits from the Two O'Clock

Part of New Television Workshop.


Part of NTW Master Dubbing: 8/98

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Frames of Reference
Portraits from the Two O'Clock
Series Description

“Frames of Reference” was a series that began circa 1978. Half-hour shows were produced to showcase commissioned and already created works. It was around this time that the focus of the Workshop shifted, to concentrate more heavily on creating works for broadcast. During its time, “Frames of Reference” was the focus of the Workshop’s national arts programming effort. In an attempt to raise funds and foster collaboration, Workshop personnel approached and visited several public television stations nationwide. The major collaborative relationship was with WGBH’s “sister station,” WGBY (Springfield, Mass.). Among the featured artists were Meredith Monk, Remy Charlip, Trisha Brown, and Peter Campus. In 1981, “Frames of Reference” was packaged and offered to PBS, during what is known as “flex time” and was broadcast by WGBH, WNET (New York), and WGBY (Springfield, Mass.). “Frames of Reference” ended as a series ca. 1983, because of a lack of funding. Series release date: 1978

Program Description

“Portraits from the Two O’Clock” features interviews with four of the employees of the Two O’Clock, a Boston strip joint. These interviews are set alongside footage of the club’s interior and exterior during working hours. Deirdre is a stripper who talks about her somewhat mixed feelings about the club and about her father’s restrictive personality. George, a bartender, talks about his experiences in and out of prison because of robberies, his distrust of women, and what it takes to be a bartender in a place like the Two O’Clock. Linda, another stripper, talks about overcoming fear in her work, the difference between dancing and stripping, and her past lives. Lee, a cocktail waitress who was a stripper for 18 years, talks about how the industry has changed over the years, her own positive experiences as a stripper and her unhappy childhood.



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Broadcast program

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Documentaries and factual works
Film and Television
Fred Simon (Director)
Fred Simon, Dorothy Chiesa (Producer)
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