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Get a Life, with Loretta Laroche


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Get a Life, with Loretta Laroche
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Wellness has become a national obsession, with good reason. All of us want to live to a ripe old age! However, even the most motivated individual has difficulty sifting through the pile of health information our there. Not to mention that the road to wellness is not clearly defined; it's really an individual journey. Get a Life, with Loretta LaRoche provides a blueprint for a personalized "how-to shape-up" program. Employing a non-intimidating and fun documentary style, LaRoche unearths the safest and most effective paths for dieting, stress reduction and exercise. Along the way, she enlists the support of the nation's top nutrition counselors, exercise physiologists, trainers and stress experts to form a personal wellness team, and then applies the team's expertise to individuals in need of help. It's a new television style for Loretta LaRoche, but her much-loved sense of humor and resounding humanity pervade the program, and provide it's strong appeal for middle-aged and older women. Loretta's message points include: Get Motivated - by observing the experiences and stumbling blocks of people "just like ourselves" and see them slimming down and getting in shape. Start Exercising One Step at a Time - and that means getting off the couch and into action. "This is especially challenging for those of us who have lived our lives with a remote control in our hands" comments Loretta. "Our objective is to offer strategies that don't require the self-conscious to lose thirty pounds before jumping into spandex and heading for the gym." Reduce Stress - If the objective is to take charge of our health, then we also have to face the fact that beneath almost every bad habit lurks stress. Loretta, a stress management expert, will show how the first step to reducing stress begins when you adjust how you think, feel and react to the events in your life. Maintain Good Results - Throughout the program, viewers will learn how to re-set their minds on living well and being healthy. Find the Balance in Life - As Loretta so aptly puts it, "We're not getting out of here alive, it's why not live a little and for as long as you can?" Loretta LaRoche is a highly popular, nationally-recognized speaker on stress management. She is also an adjunct faculty member for the Behavior Institute of Medicine, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

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