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Advocates; Should Congress pass President Carter’s Welfare/Jobs Bill?

Part of The Advocates.


Moderator: Marilyn Berger Advocate: Franklin Raines Advocate: John Kramer Witnesses: Arnold Packer – Assistant Secretary of Labor Carol Burris – President, Women’s Lobby George Gilder – Writer, Social Critic Alvin Schorr – Author, “Jubilee of Our Times”

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Should Congress pass President Carter’s Welfare/Jobs Bill?
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A SERIES OF DEBATES with a moderator facilitating the discussion of national and international issues - using advocates who would introduce witnesses to support their point of view. Debates recorded at Boston's Faneuil Hall. Moderators included: Michael Dukakis; Marilyn Berger; Michael Harrington, Robert Maynard. (Premiered October, 1969; conceived by Prof. Roger Fisher.) Other participants included Barney Frank, Avi Nelson, Antonin Scalia, S.I. Hayakawa, Paul Simon, Albert Shankar, Richard Bolling, Pete McCloskey, Chester Crocker, John Anderson, Elmo Zumwalt, George Ball, John Kenneth Galbraith, William Colby, Eleanor Smeal, Phyllis Schlafly, Sam Ervin, Laurence Tribe, Daniel Schorr, Orrin Hatch, Morris Udall, Edward Kennedy, George McGovern, Jake Garn, Paul Tsongas, Alan Dershowitz. Series release date: 1969



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Broadcast program

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Raines, Franklin D., 1949-
Berger, Marilyn
Packer, Arnold H.
Schorr, Alvin Louis, 1921-
Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
Public Affairs
Social Issues
Kramer, John (Guest)
Packer, Arnold (Guest)
Schorr, Alvin (Guest)
Raines, Franklin (Guest)
Glider, George (Guest)
Burris, Carol (Guest)
Berger, Marilyn (Moderator)
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Supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.
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