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Biotechnology (2009): Final video segments for Teachers’ Domain BIOT09 collection. No TD watermark. 16x9 and 4x3 videos mixed. Segment titles and codes: Biotechnology Student Profile - biot09_vid_biotstudent Engineering Biofuels - biot09_vid_synthfuel Epigenetics - biot09_vid_epigenetics Ethanol Biofuel - biot09_vid_ethanol Genetically Engineering the Avian Flu - biot09_vid_avianflu Killer Microbe - biot09_vid_kmicrobe Longevity Genes - biot09_vid_longevity Personal DNA Testing - biot09_vid_prsnldna Reverse Evolution Machine - biot09_vid_evolreverse Tissue Engineering - biot09_vid_tissueeng

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Teachers' Domain
Biotechnology Collection
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Teachers' Domain is committed to providing teachers with a variety of professional development opportunities which are rigorous, inquiry-driven, and rooted in innovative classroom practices. Teachers’ Domain currently offers facilitated online courses, which can be customized and licensed by schools, districts, or states.

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Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field that uses research tools from biology and chemistry to find solutions to current scientific problems. Some biotechnology professionals look for the genetic basis of disease or factors that affect lifespan. Others focus on solving food shortages, the climate crisis, or criminal investigations.

These resources explore common laboratory techniques used for treating disease and improving diagnosis, and examine the ethical debate over such research. Career profiles demonstrate the multifaceted nature of biotechnology jobs and the wide range of opportunities in this field.

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Broadcast program

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