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Say Brother National Edition; Middle Passage

Part of Say Brother.

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Say Brother National Edition
Middle Passage
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Series Description

In 1975 the purpose of Say Brother National Edition was to introduce and demonstrate to people the vitality of Black Americans and their community life. Under producer Marita Rivero and executive producer Topper Carew a series of 13 half-hour programs for the national audience was produced from existing programs.

In weekly half-hours, Say Brother National Edition presented the many dimensions of black American life as seen from one city’s vantage-point. It was in a magazine format, each segment representing a different perspective: music, history, dance, culture, drama, language, old folks, young people, families, issues, person-on-the street, and others. Series release date: 1975

Program Description

Program 109 focuses on the seizure and transport of African men, women, and children to the United States and Atlantic coast colonies. The physical transport, called "Middle Passage," is illustrated via the use of a filmstrip on the topic prepared by the Afro Audiovisual Company of Boston. Additional segments include the "Historical Minute" with Georgia State Representative Julian Bond, "Information" on why the slave trade took place, a performance by mime Fred Johnson (Halim Adbur Rashid), a filmed segment with Byron Rushing, Director of the Museum of Afro-American History in Boston, on the aims of the museum and the difficulties in documenting African American history, segment interludes with Wolf (of the musical group Mandrill), Coffee Cave and Tasha Jones (then cast member of The Wiz); "Book Beat," and commentary by Sarah-Ann Shaw on Third World struggles for independence.

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Broadcast program

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Mandrill, Wolf
Bond, Julian, 1940-
Rushing, Byron
Civil rights
Afro Audiovisual Company (Boston, Mass.)
Shaw, Sarah-Ann
African Americans--Attitudes
Johnson, Fred (Halim Adbur Rashid)
Jones, Tasha
Slave trade
Cave, Coffee
African Americans in the performing arts
African American politicians
Museum of Afro-American History (Boston, Mass.)
Race and Ethnicity
Barrow-Murray, Barbara (Associate Producer)
White, Conrad (Director)
Topper Carew (Executive Producer)
Rivero, Marita (Producer)
Carew, Topper (Executive Producer)
Estus, Boyd (Camera)
Crippens, David (Host)
MacKnight, John (Videotape Engineer)
Fairweather, Bill (Engineer)
Buccheri, Ron (Studio Technician)
Correia, Dennis (Engineer)
Crane, David (Videotape Engineer)
MacDonald, Greg (Studio Technician)
Haydock, Rodger (Assistant Cameraman)
Fletcher, Leah (Community Coordinator)
Benson, Bill (Unit Manager)
Bravo Wing, Carla (Community Coordinator)
Wilson, Bob (Studio Technician)
Loerzel, David (Assistant Cameraman)
Floyd, Michael (Studio Technician)
Hutton, David (Videotape Engineer)
Sullivan, John L. (Studio Technician)
Bagwell, Orlando (Assistant Cameraman)
Spooner, Dighton (Researcher)
Holden, Dick (Studio Technician)
Devitt, Douglas (Videotape Engineer)
Henry, Arthur (Videotape Engineer)
Cogell, Lloyd (Still Photography)
Webster Lewis Septet, The (Theme Music)
Charette, Bill (Studio Technician)
Silva, Candelaria (Community Coordinator)
Izzi, Steve (Sound)
Tarter, Margaret (Community Coordinator)
Koppel, Tiit (Studio Technician)
Smith, Kathy (Studio Technician)
Nicholas , Huntley, Jr. (Assistant Editor)
Plausse, John (Studio Technician)
Spangler, Jennifer (Engineer)
Handyside, Keith (Engineer)
LeCain, Larry (Studio Technician)
Kane, Pat (Videotape Engineer)
Hadfield, Peter (Graphics)
Wareham, Skip (Studio Technician)
Speight, Alonzo R. (Community Coordinator)
Simons, Fred (Videotape Engineer)
Chigas, Basil (Studio Technician)
Wright, Sylvia (Community Coordinator)
Bordett, Bruce (Studio Technician)
Rivero, Marita (Concept)
Kenner, Sharon (Graphics)
Lane, Frank (Studio Technician)
Balhatchet, Tom (Engineer)
Dick, Michael (Graphics)
St. Onge, David (Videotape Engineer)
McGuire Nicholas, Sallie (Production Assistant)
Wright, Rodner (Graphics)
Smith, Lee (Studio Technician)
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