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Say Brother; African Liberation Committee Film; A Luta Continua (The Struggle Continues)

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A Luta Continua explains the military struggle of the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO) against the Portuguese. Produced and narrated by American activists Robert Van Lierop, it details the relationship of the liberation to the wider regional and continental demands for self-determination against minority rule. It notes the complicit roles of foreign governments and companies in supporting Portugal against the African nationalists. Footage from the front lines of the struggle helps contextualize FRELIMO’s African socialist ideology, specifically the role of the military in building the new nation, a commitment to education, demands for sexual equality, the introduction of medical aid into the countryside, and the role of culture in creating a single national identity. Summary and select metadata for this record was submitted by R. Joseph Parrott.

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Say Brother
African Liberation Committee Film
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A Luta Continua (The Struggle Continues)

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Say Brother is WGBH's longest running public affairs television program by, for and about African Americans, and is now known as Basic Black. Since its inception in 1968, Say Brother has featured the voices of both locally and nationally known African American artists, athletes, performers, politicians, professionals, and writers including: Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Thomas Atkins, Amiri Baraka, Doris Bunte, Julian Bond, Stokely Carmichael, Louis Farrakhan, Nikki Giovanni, Odetta Gordon, Henry Hampton, Benjamin Hooks, Jesse Jackson, Hubie Jones, Mel King, Eartha Kitt, Elma Lewis, Haki Madhubuti, Wallace D. Muhammad, Charles Ogletree, Babatunde Olatunji, Byron Rushing, Owusu Sadaukai, and Sonia Sanchez. Series release date: 7/15/1968

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Guests Caroline Hunter, Dinizulu Ceitou of Boston's African Liberation Day Committee and Christopher Nteta of the Pan African Liberation Committee discuss the liberation struggle in Mozambique with host Topper Carew. Topics include Frelimo (the African freedom fighters in Mozambique), the influence of Black American support on the cause, the relationship between corporations and the seizure of African land, the need for violence to achieve liberation, the relationship between racism and colonization, and the need for Black Americans to recognize that the African struggle is their struggle. Program includes a 30 minute film titled "The Struggle Continues (A Luta Continua)," which documents the work of the resistance.

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African Liberation Support Committee – Activist Organization
Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Committee – Activist Organization
African Liberation Day
Hunter, Caroline
Lierop, Robert F. van
Mozambique – Liberation Struggle
A Luta Continua
Namibia – Liberation Struggle
Guinea-Bissau – Liberation Struggle
Portuguese Empire - Decolonization
Nteta, Chris
South Africa – Liberation Struggle
Zimbabwe – Liberation Struggle
Ceitou, Dinizulu
Angola – Liberation Struggle
Pan-African Liberation Committee – Activist Organization
Polaroid - Company
Carew, Topper, 1943-
FRELIMO – Political Party
Boston, Massachusetts
Race and Ethnicity
White, Conrad (Director)
Carew, Topper, 1943- (Host)
Nteta, Chris (Guest)
Lierop, Robert F. van (Filmmaker)
Johnson, Henry (Filmmaker)
Jones, Vickie (Associate Producer)
Fletcher, Robert (Cinematographer)
Barrow, Barbara (Associate Producer)
Hunter, Caroline (Guest)
Ceitou, Dinizulu (Guest)
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