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This tape contains final videos for the IPY 2007 collection. Resource titles follwed by asset codes below: 4x3 Earth’s Albedo and Global Warming 4 videos that are part of the interactive ipy07_int_albedo Changing Arctic Landscape ipy07_vid_arcticland Earth's Cryosphere: Antarctica ipy07_vid_cryoantarctica Earth's Cryosphere: The Arctic ipy07_vid_cryoarctic Drilling to Antarctica’s Rock Core ipy07_vid_drillcore Inuit Observations of Climate Change ipy07_vid_inuitobserv Penguin Response to Climate Change ipy07_vid_penguinscience 16x9 Fastest Glacier ipy07_vid_fastglacier

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Teachers' Domain
Polar Sciences Collection
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Teachers' Domain is committed to providing teachers with a variety of professional development opportunities which are rigorous, inquiry-driven, and rooted in innovative classroom practices. Teachers’ Domain currently offers facilitated online courses, which can be customized and licensed by schools, districts, or states.

Program Description

Science Resources Celebrating International Polar Year (IPY)

Earth's polar regions may seem remote, but they are an integral part of the entire Earth system. For example, pollution from other areas affects Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems, and changes in the icy landscapes of the polar regions may influence global ocean circulation patterns and accelerate climate change. The fourth International Polar Year (IPY) is a 2007–2008 international campaign to advance polar science and better understand global climate change through an interdisciplinary approach. Learn about the importance of studying the poles through these media resources, adapted from a variety of sources. Explore the polar regions, the changes they are experiencing, and their connections to the rest of the world.

Alternate titles: IPY 2007; IPY 2009



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Broadcast program

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