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New Media in Education 2006: A Progress Report Frank Moretti, executive director, CCNMTL James Neal, VP, information services, Columbia University University Librarian James Neal, VP for Information Services at Columbia University delivers the opening remarks at the third New Media in Education Conference. A Partnership in Educational Innovation David J. Helfand, professor, astronomy, Columbia University David Klatell, vice dean, School of Journalism Ryan Kelsey, moderator David Helfand discusses how his kernel of an idea to improve an electromagnet spectrum analogy back in 1999-2000 led to CCNMTL's substantial role in the creation of 'Frontiers of Science,' a new course in Columbia College's core curriculum. He outlines in detail how the Center played an instrumental role in the creation of the course text, Scientific Habits of Mind, and the design and execution of the course's educational principles as well as the logistics of implementing a lecture-seminar combination course for over 500 students each semester. Prof. Helfand emphasizes how CourseWorks not only allows for seamless communication and document sharing between students and faculty, but also how it allows unique collaborations amongst the faculty as the course is carried out week by week. Along with Ryan Kelsey, he also discusses the ongoing evaluation work and feedback process involved in improving the course from year to year. Virtual Fieldwork for Pre-Professional Education ngela Calabrese-Barton, professor, Teachers College John Zimmerman, manager, health sciences, CCNMTL Tazuko Shibusawa, professor, School of Social Work Herbert Ginsburg, professor, Teachers College Debbie Marcus, moderator CCNMTL and its faculty partners discuss their collaborations in the areas of virtual fieldwork. 'Virtual' fieldwork does not mean that the use of digital technologies should replace onsite field practice. Nothing can replace the meaningful experience of interacting with clients, patients, and students. Virtual fieldwork, which is helping students bridge the gap between classroom instruction and field practice, can take several forms. It allows students to explore and reflect on unfamiliar environments without the fear of 'making mistakes' in real settings. It helps students build specific skills for interacting in those environments by seeing varying models of real-world practitioners. Lastly, virtual fieldwork allows students to use recordings of their own practice to reflect on their performance of those skills. New Technologies Serving Educational Goals Lisa Gordis, professor, Barnard College Richard Pena, professor, film, Columbia University Daniela Noe LeSassier, professor, italian, Columbia University Zaheer Ali, professor, Columbia University Letty Moss-Salentijn, educational technologist John Frankfurt, educational technologist, moderator For collaborative technologies, Educational Technologist John Frankfurt presents Robin Kelley's Social Justice wiki followed by Barnard Professor Lisa Gordis, who shares the Reading and Writing Women in Colonial America wiki. New Directions: Research, Education & Community Service Frank Moretti, executive director, CCNMTL Susan Witte, Multimedia Connect

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