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Mystery!; Second Sight, Series II: Parasomnia

Second Sight, Series II Episode 3, Parasomnia, Part 1 of 2

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Second Sight, Series II: Parasomnia
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Premiered in 1980 -- offshoot of MASTERPIECE THEATRE. Showcase for the best of British drama in the mystery genre. Current producer, Rebecca Eaton. See individual episode titles for more information. Host: 1980: Gene Shalit; 1981-1989: Vincent Price; 1989-present: Diana Rigg Series release date: 1980

Program Description

Parasomnia Episode 1 Tanner (Clive Owen) finds himself going head-to-head with Lord Bruce Roddam (Michael Kitchen), whose daughter, Kerry Ann (Josephine Butler), wakes up just days before her wedding covered in the blood of her murdered fiancé—with no memory of the crime. Parasomnia Episode 2 Program 2118 Kerry Ann Roddam (Josephine Butler) checks into a sleep clinic to prove that if she did kill her fiancé, it was an unconscious act. As she begins to sleep walk, Tanner (Clive Owen) follows her into the night and onto a limb, hampered by his failing vision. Earlier, D.I. Boyd (Mark Bazeley) confronts Tanner over his frequent stumbles, but thinks it’s a drinking problem.



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Eaton, Rebecca (Series Producer)
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