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Masterpiece Contemporary; Collision, Part 2


Collision - Part 2 HD Widescreen Base Master

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Masterpiece Contemporary
Collision, Part 2
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Masterpiece contemporary, which follows the successful launches of Masterpiece classic and Masterpiece mystery!, will present outstanding British television drama with contemporary themes. Series release date: 2008

Program Description

Detectives John Tolin and Karen Stallwood continue to unravel the mysteries of a deadly six-vehicle pileup outside London.

Survivor Karen Donnelly has apparently committed suicide. But Tolin suspects she was silenced by the international corporation where she worked, which may also be targeting the man who convinced her to steal incriminating corporate documents.

Van driver Danny Rampton is still in hiding — and for good reason, since the police finally learn what he was smuggling from Holland. Alarmed that her connection with Danny will harm her business, his sister-in-law takes his fate into her hands.

As the riddle deepens about why Brian Edwards' mother-in-law died in the accident, Brian makes a startling revelation to his wife.

Richard Reeves intensifies his courtship of Jane Tarrant, the waitress who helped treat him after the accident, by offering to take her to Paris. However a complication arises.

Meanwhile, the man responsible for the death of Tolin's wife and crippling of his daughter a year earlier, is released from prison and has a tense encounter with Tolin. Oddly, it sparks a chain of events leading to the reconciliation of Tolin and his former lover Stallwood.

Finally, the mysteries of Sidney Norris, the man who started the accident, are finally solved, revealing the reason he changed his name, the nature of his clandestine online activity, and the cause of his wild gesticulations just before the crash.

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