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FRONTLINE; Pot Republic, The


The Pot Repuplic

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Pot Republic, The
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2917 HD 001

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Premiered January 1983 Since January 1983, FRONTLINE has served as American public television's - PBS - flagship public affairs series. Hailed upon its television broadcast debut as "the last best hope for broadcast documentaries," FRONTLINE's stature over 23 years is reaffirmed each week through incisive documentaries covering the scope and complexity of the human experience. Series release date: 1/1983

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Pot Republic (25 minutes) FRONTLINE's primetime monthly newsmagazine returns with three new stories, leading with a timely report from the front lines of marijuana legalization in California. The bulk of the marijuana consumed in the United States used to come across the border from Mexico, Canada and elsewhere. Now, more than half of it is believed to be home grown in California, where an enormous black market has emerged under the cover of the state's medical marijuana law. With more than a third of all states now experimenting with some form of legalization and decriminalization -- and several California counties attempting to openly regulate pot production -- FRONTLINE and The Center for Investigative Reporting team up to investigate the country's oldest, largest, and most wide-open marijuana market. Is the federal government now moving to shut it down?

Copyright 2011 WGBH Educational Foundation and The Center for Investigative Reporting

Doctor Hotspot (15 minutes) Also this hour: New Yorker writer and surgeon Atul Gawande reports on a doctor in Camden, New Jersey, who actually seeks out the community's sickest -- and most expensive -- patients. Dr. Jeffrey Brenner and his team are pioneering a practice called "hotspotting," in which medical care is focused on the hardest-to-treat to improve their health and dramatically reduce costs.

A FRONTLINE Production with Yellow Truck Productions

The Atomic Artists (10 minutes) In the third story of this magazine program, FRONTLINE journeys with Marco Werman of PRI's The World as he meets Chim↑Pom, a provocative group of young artists making headlines as they use art to challenge the status quo in Japan.

A FRONTLINE production in association with PRI’s The World



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Public Affairs
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