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Course of Our Times, The; South Africa, Rhodesia And Apartheid

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Course of Our Times, The
South Africa, Rhodesia And Apartheid
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Historical survey hosted by Abram Sachar, Brandeis University. Series release date: 1973

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“Within a generation of World War II, virtually all colonial possessions in Asia and Africa had been relinquished to the native populations. A glaring exception was South Africa, where the white population of three million was determined to maintain rigid control and to keep ten million blacks and one and half million Asians from any shared participation.

The policy of Apartheid was ever more strenuously enforced, in residence, in schools, in voting, and above all, in the economy. Each year there were votes of censure in the United Nations; there were pressures from nations around the world, including boycotts. But the white population turned all protests aside, and the South African economy, despite the conditions, continued to thrive. Ever present, however, was the threat of a racial explosion that would threaten the peace of the whole continent, and perhaps the world.”



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