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Bill Cosby on Prejudice



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Bill Cosby on Prejudice
Program Description

Bill Cosby riffs on prejudice by portraying a bigot, denigrating every conceivable group. Cosby uses music, lighting, make-up (he wears "white-face" in the presentation), a cigar, and a single chair to add impact to his words. He reviews the situation of various ethnic groups, including his own, old people, kids, women, and regional American groups. His character denigrates every possible group, often with harsh and what would be called un-PC insensitivity. But that is the character. Cosby's message is that bigotry exists and it is based on a short-sighted lack of understanding about "other people." This video was part of Cosby's doctoral dissertation for U of Mass, and the thought and wit he put into it is apparent. He stirs the pot and disses everyone, showing only how shallow and sad his character is in his bigotry. Produced by KCET Los Angeles



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Social Issues
Race and Ethnicity
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