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Say Brother; Old, Black and Alive; Joseph Nelson reminsices about Josephine Baker

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In this clip Joseph Nelson, a Boston historian, talks about his life and some of the people he has met over the years, including the singer Josephine Baker. Overall program 101, the first in the Say Brother National series of programs, focuses on the African American elderly. Using excerpts from Jacquelyne J. Jackson's and Frank Cantor's short film Old, Black and Alive and Say Brother segments, the program seeks to illustrate the wisdom, vitality, and struggles that define America's seniors. Segments include a narrated "Information" segment on upcoming amendments to the Older Americans Act of 1975, a "Spotlight" segment with musician/actor Sherman "Scatman" Crothers, an interview with local historian Joseph Nelson, "Commentary" by Georgia State Representative Andrew Young, the "Historical Minute" with Georgia State Representative Julian Bond, "Bookbeat," and segment interludes with Gerald Durley, Louis Wilson (of the musical group Mandrill), and musician Grover Washington. Produced by Marita Rivero. Directed by Conrad White.

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Say Brother
Old, Black and Alive
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Joseph Nelson reminsices about Josephine Baker

Series Description

Say Brother is WGBH's longest running public affairs television program by, for and about African Americans, and is now known as Basic Black. Since its inception in 1968, Say Brother has featured the voices of both locally and nationally known African American artists, athletes, performers, politicians, professionals, and writers including: Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Thomas Atkins, Amiri Baraka, Doris Bunte, Julian Bond, Stokely Carmichael, Louis Farrakhan, Nikki Giovanni, Odetta Gordon, Henry Hampton, Benjamin Hooks, Jesse Jackson, Hubie Jones, Mel King, Eartha Kitt, Elma Lewis, Haki Madhubuti, Wallace D. Muhammad, Charles Ogletree, Babatunde Olatunji, Byron Rushing, Owusu Sadaukai, and Sonia Sanchez. Series release date: 7/15/1968

Program Description

Program features a short documentary film produced by the National Caucus on the Black Aged, Inc. titled Old, Black and Alive. About the living conditions and attitudes of older African Americans, Old, Black and Alive has the stated objective of depicting "both the similarities and the differences" among the aged in Macon County, Alabama. Additional program segments include poetry readings by Sylvia Wright, an interview with composer Dr. Hall Johnson (who, at 81, reflects upon the sources of his work) conducted by Sarah-Ann Shaw, a mime performance by Halim Adbur Rashid (Fred Johnson), an "Access" segment on the Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center, "Information" on incorporating a business, and "Commentary" on values by Say Brother Producer Marita Rivero.

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Older African Americans
Old, Black and Alive (Motion picture)
Baker, Josephine, 1906-1975
Crothers, Scat Man
African American actors
Durley, Dr. Gerald
Nelson, Joseph
African American musicians
Washington, Grover
Young, Andrew
Wilson, Louis
Bond, Julian
Race and Ethnicity
Rivero, Marita (Producer)
Jones, Vickie (Associate Producer)
Barrow-Murray, Barbara (Associate Producer)
White, Conrad (Director)
Handyside, Keith (Engineer)
Burnett, Hayes (Music Coordinator)
Spooner, Dighton (Researcher)
Loerzel, David (Assistant Cameraman)
MacDonald, Greg (Studio Technician)
Smith, Lee (Studio Technician)
Balhatchet, Tom (Engineer)
Crippens, David (Host)
Floyd, Michael (Studio Technician)
Bordett, Bruce (Studio Technician)
Chigas, Basil (Studio Technician)
Fairweather, Bill (Engineer)
Kenner, Sharon (Graphics)
Wilson, Bob (Studio Technician)
Lewis, Webster (Music Coordinator)
Plausse, John (Studio Technician)
Speight, Alonzo R. (Community Coordinator)
Estus, Boyd (Camera)
Kane, Pat (Videotape Engineer)
Simmons, Fred (Videotape Engineer)
Buccheri, Ron (Studio Technician)
Dick, Michael (Graphics)
Izzi, Steve (Sound)
Sullivan, John L. (Studio Technician)
Bravo Wing, Carla (Community Coordinator)
Lane, Frank (Studio Technician)
Tarter, Margaret (Community Coordinator)
Rivero, Marita (Concept)
McGuire Nicholas, Sallie (Production Assistant)
St. Onge, David (Videotape Engineer)
Henry, Arthur (Videotape Engineer)
Koppel, Tiit (Studio Technician)
Wright, Sylvia (Community Coordinator)
Bagwell, Orlando (Assistant Editor)
Nicholas , Huntley, Jr. (Sound)
Cogell, Lloyd (Still Photography)
Correia, Dennis (Engineer)
Crane, David (Videotape Engineer)
Holden, Dick (Studio Technician)
Fletcher, Leah (Community Coordinator)
Hadfield, Peter (Graphics)
Wright, Rodner (Graphics)
Silva, Candelaria (Community Coordinator)
Charette, Bill (Studio Technician)
Haydock, Roger (Assistant Cameraman)
Smith, Kathy (Studio Technician)
Spangler, Jennifer (Engineer)
Hutton, David (Videotape Engineer)
Benson, Bill (Unit Manager)
Webster Lewis Septet, The (Theme Music)
Wareham, Skip (Studio Technician)
LeCain, Larry (Studio Technician)
Devitt, Douglas (Videotape Engineer)
MacKnight, John (Studio Technician)
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