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Marketplace Health Desk; January 1999

Stories aired on Marketplace (pm), Marketplace Morning Report (am) or Marketplace Money (w/e) - January 1999 TITLE, REPORTER(S), DATE, RUNTIME Drink More Beer?, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/4/1999 (am), 0:00:58 Medicare, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/5/1999 (am), 0:00:58 The Millennium and The Elderly, Palmer, Helen, 1/5/1999 (pm), 0:03:32 Amway and Doctors, McCall, Timothy, 1/6/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Clinic Suit, Palmer, Helen, 1/7/1999 (am), 0:00:59 Pain Meds, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/8/1999 (am), 0:00:59 The Internet and Prescription Drugs, Horsley, Scott, 1/8/1999 (pm), 0:04:56 S. Africa Health, Erlich, Reese, 1/8/1999 (pm), 0:04:19 Smoke-Free Restaurants, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/11/1999, AM 0:00:59 UK Tobacco Merger, Beard, Stephen, 1/11/1999 (am), 0:01:00 UK Tobacco Merger and the U.S., Palmer, Helen, 1/11/1999 (pm), 0:01:47, Kaplan, Madge, 1/11/1999 (pm), 0:04:24 Aetna Appeals, Roy, Eric, 1/13/1999 (am), 0:01:03 Uninsured Children, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/14/1999 (am), 0:00:59 Business Nurse, Black, Beatrice, 1/14/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Chinese Remedies, Lewenski, George, 1/14/1999 (pm), 0:04:05 State of the Union, Palmer, Helen, 1/18/1999 (pm), 0:05:10 Tobacco Growers, Richard, Chris, 1/19/1999 (am), 0:01:18 Nurse Shortage, Gordon, [Suzanne], 1/20/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Tobacco Suit, Palmer, Helen, 1/20/1999 (pm), 0:00:01 Cancer Rates & Poverty, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/21/1999, AM 0:00:58 Health Care System, Inlander, Charles, 1/21/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Tobacco Farmers Trust Fund, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/22/1999, AM 0:00:59 Nurse Shortage, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/25/1999 (am), 0:00:58 Dr. Mom, Black, Beatrice, 1/26/1999 (pm), 0:05:34 Viagra, Beard, Stephen, 1/27/1999 (pm), 0:03:15 The British National Health Service, Manasian, David, 1/27/1999 (pm), 0:01:40 Drug Testing, Frazier-Booth, Kimberly, 1/28/1999 (am), 0:00:58 Cold Care, Horsley, Scott, 1/28/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Back Surgery, Luciano, Lani, 1/28/1999 (pm), 0:02:30 Approximate date: January 1999

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Marketplace Health Desk
January 1999
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Series Description: A locally-produced, periodic half-hour program that showcases the wealth of creativity in the Greater boston area. Greater boston arts will feature segments produced by independent filmmakers - spanning the spectrum from major institutions to community arts centers, downtown theatres to rehearsal studios, high art to low - as well as a calendar of upcoming events.

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