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Sound and Spirit; Gamelan: New Music, Ancient Spirit

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Sound and Spirit
Gamelan: New Music, Ancient Spirit
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Sound And Spirit is a weekly series of hour-long radio programs exploring the human spirit through music and ideas.The program blends classical, traditional and world musics with myth and history, stories and poetry, and commentary from composers, theologians and writers, to provide insight into various aspects of the human experience. Each week the program explores connections between world cultures and examines different approaches to universal questions.

Program Description

An orchestra of gongs, chimes, drums, flutes and voices: a Gamelan! In Bali and Java, islands of Indonesia, they are played for pleasure - and for the gods. Ellen Kushner shares the wonderful sounds of traditional gamelans and talks with American composers Paul Dresher and the late Lou Harrison about how the sound and spirit of the gamelan has infused their work.

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