Operation Cedar Falls, 1st Infantry Division (Iron Triangle)

01/08/1967 - 01/12/1967
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ELSs, jets bomb and strafe jungle area. Smoke rises; napalm bombs explode. Soldiers crossing swampy area. Soldier crosses stream. Army photographer in foreground taking motion pictures. LS, Vietcong hut burning. Soldier digs for rice cache hidden in a false grave. Soldiers on jungle trail. VS, huts in jungle (Vietcong base camp). Soldiers carries documents and ammunition out of tunnel. Smoke grenade is thrown in jungle to signal artillery. Rice cache is blown up. Rice is set on fire. Soldiers cross field. Captured weapons are stacked. Soldiers advance along sandy road. Soldier in tunnel hands ammunition to officer who is speaking on phone. The Vietcong ammo is stacked. Soldiers in jungle. Signal grenade is ignited. Soldiers cross clearing which was made by bombings. Soldiers enter tunnel. A rifle is handed out. A wounded Vietcong is brought out of the tunnel. Prisoner being treated. Vietcong is questioned (lost loop). Soldiers walk past huge bomb craters. Soldiers at landing zone with Vietcong prisoner. Smoke rising from signal grenade as soldier speaks over radio.