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Machine That Changed The World, The; Interview with Marvin Minsky, 1990

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Marvin Minsky, cognitive scientist and founding member of the MIT Media Lab, has been called the “Father of Artificial Intelligence.” His work, including some alongside fellow Media Lab founding member Seymour Papert, has been extremely influential in the study of artificial neural networks, especially building machines with the capacity for commonsense. One of Minksy’s most well known works is The Society of Mind, published in 1988, which is also the name of a course he teaches at MIT.

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Machine That Changed The World, The

Interview with Marvin Minsky, 1990

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Five part series chronicling the personalities and events of the computer revolution. Program traces the history of development of computer to the modern personal computer, to future developments on the horizon. Focus on history of computers from 19th century to PC, present day applications, and future developments. Featured participants include J. Presper Eckert; Thomas Watson, Jr; Steve Wozniak; Steve Jobs; William H. Gates; Marvin Minsky; Mitchell Kapor. Narrated by Will Lyman.

101: Giant Brains; 102: Inventing the Future; 103: The Paperback Computer; 104: The Thinking Machine; 105: The World at Your Fingertips. Series release date: 1992



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Artificial Intelligence
Science Fiction
Minsky, Marvin (Interviewee)
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