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Dance for Camera; District 1

Part of New Television Workshop.


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Dance for Camera
District 1
Series Description

"Dance for Camera" was the earliest series created by the Dance Workshop, which was coordinated at the time by Nancy Mason. The series was broadcast in 1976. Carmen De Lavallade, a former dancer with Lester Horton, John Butler and others, recorded introductions for the shows. Some of the works were rebroadcast as part of the "Frames of Reference" series. Series release date: 1974

Program Description

"District 1," 1978, which was one of the first dance works created for the New Television Workshop. Choreographer Rudy Perez and visual consultant Stephen Price worked with Fred Barzyk to create this work, which features a large group of dancers working in downtown Boston at City Hall. The choreography is comprised of simple movements that interact with the architecture of the site. Still photographs are incorporated.



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Broadcast program

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Modern dance
Marching bands
Performance in a Studio
Performing Arts
Fred Barzyk (Producer)
Rudy Perez ()
Malone, Rylin (Subject)
Weiss, Leslie Jane (Subject)
Newell, Midge (Subject)
Rose, Mitchell (Subject)
Theodorakis, Dean (Subject)
Kristal, Richard (Subject)
Price, Sukey (Subject)
Nowe, David (Subject)
Kendall, Elizabeth (Subject)
Mills, Francine (Subject)
Kattman, Hannah (Subject)
Brack, Ruedi (Subject)
Teitelbaum, Larry (Subject)
McCall, Debra (Subject)
Berman, Joanna (Subject)
Hanlon, Julia (Subject)
Simard, Denise (Subject)
Hardy, Fred (Subject)
Valinsky, Barbara (Subject)
Lurie, Elizabeth (Subject)
Perwin, Jean (Subject)
Goldberg, Jane (Subject)
Bartler, Thaddeus (Subject)
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