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Rockefeller Artists in Television; 9/23

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Rockefeller Artists in Television
Series Description

The "Rockefeller Artists-in-Television" residency program was created to support artists working in television. It was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation from 1967 through 1970. It was replaced by "The WGBH Project for New Television." While some of the Rockefeller artists, such as Nam June Paik, were already very committed to the medium of video, others were coming to the medium for the first time or from a film background. Paik developed the Paik-Abe videosynthesizer, with Shuya Abe, while working as a Rockefeller artist (though additional funding for the synthesizer's construction was provided by WGBH). The device was used to generate special effects and color enhancements. Artists supported by this program included: Mary Feldhaus-Weber, Marie Cosindas, Lee Lockwood, Stan Vanderbeek, David Wheeler, Nam June Paik, Zone, Newton Wayland, Shoshana Dubiner, Theo Wolfe, Dick Bartlett, Tim Mayer, The Propositions, Tim Hunter, David Silver, and Jean Shepherd. Many of these artists worked collaboratively to create one or more works. Series release date: 1967

Program Description

This piece is named after the day it was videotaped, 9/23/69. It showcases the effects of the Paik-Abe videosynthesizer and manipulates “live” footage taped off a television monitor, prerecorded footage, and images staged in the studio. These include images of well-known figures, the faces of Fred Barzyk and Olivia Tappan, and lit candles.

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Broadcast program

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Video art
Film and Television
Paik, Nam June, 1932-2006 ()
Barzyk, Fred ()
Atwood, David ()
Tappen, Olivia ()
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