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Apollo 13: To The Edge And Back


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Apollo 13: To The Edge And Back
Program Description

This program follows the gripping story of Apollo 13's sudden, devastating emergency - which happened when an oxygen tank ruptured en route to the moon on April 13, 1970, cutting off most of the crew's consumables of air, electricity and water - and the desperate efforts to get the astronauts home alive. The film tells the inside stories of the major participants in this real-life drama: the astronauts in space, James Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert (who is deceased); flight directors Glynn Lunney and Gene Kranz; mission operations chief Christopher Kraft; and, the controllers on the ground who dealt with a bewildering series of emergencies across 200,000 miles. This program marks the 25th anniversary of the historic moon landing in July, 1969. Narrated by Will Lyman.



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