Eric In The Evening: Sheila Jordan Interview

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Sheila Jordan Interview Highlights Sheila Jordan talks about duo performances and recordings with only a bass player. She provides historical reference to earlier experiences she had performing duos with bassists in the 1950’s. Sheila Jordan shares her love for singing and shares that she approaches music for what is happening at the time. She expresses that God has given her a very special gift – the gift of singing. She shares how she feels when singing. She talks of the influence of Charlie Parker on her. Sheila Jordan speaks on the influence of Billie Holiday on her. Sheila Jordan shares her experiences teaching vocalists at City College of NY. Sheila Jordan shares insight into her relationship with George Russell and the significance of it, including a memorable experience with George and her family in West Virginia. Sheila Jordan talks of her years in Detroit, the prejudice she encountered and the wonderful musicians with whom she grew up and with whom she learned. These musicians include NEA Jazz Masters Tommy Flanagan, Betty Carter and Kenny Burrell. Sheila Jordan is also a NEA Jazz Master. (Editor’s Note: This interview was the first time Shelia Jordan was interviewed on Eric Jackson’s show. Sheila Jordan was appearing at the Starlight Roof in the Howard Johnsons in Kenmore Square. This transcription begins after Eric had played the song “Baltimore Oriole” from Jordan’s album titled Portrait of Sheila. The album was recorded September 18 and October 12, 1962 and released on Blue Note Records.) Summary and select metadata for this record was submitted by Leonard Brown.