Defense by North Vietnam against American B-52's

269, on the end. Voice of guide in Army museum re B-52’s.
Museum guide:
This is the remains of a B-52. This is the biggest American strato-fortress which had been refitted six times. Each plane could carry about thirty metric tons of bombs and was flown by six pilots. The United States has about 400 B-52s, but they used 192 of these bombers over Vietnam. Our armed forces and our people shot down a total of 68 B-52s, and Hanoi shot down twenty-three of them itself.
This particular plane here was on its way to Hanoi on a bombing mission, but our armed forces and villains shot it down in Vinh Phi. This so-called supersonic strato-fortress, considered the main striking force of the American air force, failed to intimidate us and ended up in the mud. This particular plane had been refitted seven times, and each time it was fitted with more modern gears and weapons.
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