Devastation in Hanoi by the Christmas Bombings

SR 2023/1
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Roll 23 of Vietnam Project, production no. 7860.
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Interview with Hoang Thi Dan.
Can you tell us of the bombing? How you heard the airplanes, the bombs, and what happened?
Hoang Thi Dan:
I was sleeping at the time. Then I heard the planes and bombs exploding. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bomb shelter. When I crawled out of the shelter, it was pitch dark and I found out that my house was in rubble. The neighbors and village officials rushed to the scene, but people were not allowed to run around.
I was stricken with fear. One of my children was dying. I carried my child to the medical station in the village. They put bandages on him there, but he died shortly after. After my child's death, I was really scared out of my wits. I ran to the village and stayed there for about a week before coming home.
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Hoang Thi Dan:
In 1967 I was in bed when the airplanes came and fired their rockets and dropped the bombs. We were really very frightened and ran to our bomb shelter. But one of my children had already been injured in the chest at that time and could not get down to the bomb shelter.
After we found out that he was missing and called out for him, we did not hear him respond to our call. So I got out of the shelter and found out that my child had been hit. I carried him to the village medical station. But after I put the bandages on him, he died. I then took him home, made a coffin for him and then buried him. After that I was scared out of my wits and did not dare to go home again.