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The Vietnam Collection

Vietnam: A Television History was a landmark documentary series produced by GBH. This collection contains most of the materials gathered and created for the 1983 series, as well as additional Vietnam-related materials from the GBH archive. Vietnam: A Television History was one of the last GBH series produced entirely on film. Starting in 2008, materials were reconstructed, transferred, and digitized for preservation and access.

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Aerial view of Luong Hoa. Aerial view of Luong Hoa village. Aerial view of Quang Tri Province. Aerial view of Tay Ninh City. Aerial view of the Repose. Aerial views of Can Giuoc District. Aerial views of Luong Hoa. Aerial views of Mekong Delta outposts. Aerial views of route N4 between My Tho and Cai Lay with villages. Aerial views of Saigon River showing the congestion of Saigon Harbor. Aerial views of Saigon's eastern suburbs and Saigon River. Also the Bien Hoa highway. Aerial views of shantytowns in Saigon suburbs. Aerial views of the An Hoa Valley, southwest of Danang. Aerial views of the Hue River; Thua Thien. Aerial views of the Mekong Delta. Aerial views of the Oriental River (Song Van Co Dong) at Ben Luc; Can Giuoc District. Aerial views of the plateau of Khe Sanh with the airstrip; Quang Tri. Aerial views of Thua Thien Province. Aerials of the Mekong Delta. Shows country road sabotaged by guerrillas, and also some hamlets occupied by guerrillas. Aerials shots of U.S. positions on Monkey Mountain. Affluent farmer riding a new motorbike; Gia Dinh Province. Air Force Captain Dayle Williams, Jr. Air Force Commander Nguyen Cao Ky addressing students; Saigon. The Air Vietnam counter in Saigon. Airforce helicopter landing at Nhi Tan outpost; Gia Dinh Province. Airport ceremonies for Vietnamese flyers who participated in Dong Hoi raid; Saigon. The airstrike against Boi Loi Woods. The airstrip at Lai Khe. Ambassador Bunker meeting the press; Saigon. Ambassador Maxwell Taylor with Premier Tran van Huong; Saigon. American advisor discussing plan with village chief; Long An. American aircraft on Tan Son Nhut airfield; Saigon. American boyscouts; Nha Trang. American Community School; Saigon. American couple during a cocktail party on the roof of the Saigon Caravelle Hotel watching flares dropped by U.S. aircraft over firefight in suburbs. American housewives at the U.S. Commisary after buying the week's groceries. American war baby in Tay Ninh shop. American war baby in Tay Ninh with wounded American soldier. Americans and Vietnamese on Danang's China Beach on Sunday. Anti-communist billboard in Phu Quoc Island. AP photographer Le Ngoc Cung. Armed forces chief of staff Tran van Minh. Armored personnel company joins coup troops on Saigon┬┐Bienhoa highway; Saigon. Army doctor dressing wound of an old woman hurt by shrapnel during Vietcong attack; Luong Hoa Village. Army of the Republic of Vietnam officer on an outpost near Hue. Army of the Republic of Vietnam soldiers on maneuvers in front of Nhi Tan outpost; Gia Dinh Province. Army parade to honor the war dead; Saigon. Artillerymen firing 105mm howitzers against targets in delta. Assemblyman Vo Huu Thu, deputy from Hue;Saigon. The Associated Press' Bob Homan; Danang. The Associated Press' Peter Arnett and Kelly Smith. Associated Press' Peter Arnett testing the first flame thrower captured from the Vietcong in Vietnam. At the reviewing stand, new high council chairman Dr. Nguyen Xuan Chu, Duong van Minh, General Khanh, Phan Khac Suu. Australian soldiers. Australian soldiers in the field. Australians on Armored Personnel Carriers at Bao Tri. Bac Lieu Military Airport. Bag of American rice is carried home by Vietnamese family. Banner which reads "Destroy Communism and Free the North;" Saigon. Barry Zorthian and Jack Steward; Saigon. Base camp for 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division; Phuoc Vinh. Bay used as harbor by Vietcong boats from North Vietnam. Bernard Fall. Billboard welcoming tourists in Phu Quoc Island. Boatman Nguyen van Tu lost his nephew and saw his wife wounded by U.S. helicopter; My Tho. Body of a dead platoon sergeant in helicopter. Boi Loi woods. See Vietcong trenches. Bombing of U.S. Embassy in Saigon. Embassy flag has hole in middle. Bookstore selling books and communist newspapers; Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Bridge blown up by Vietcong. Brig. gen Ton-That-Xung, Nguyen Cao Ky, Col. Jasper Wilson, Col. Nguyen Chanh Thi; Saigon. Brig. General Lam Van Phat, commander of the 3rd army corps. Brig. General Nguyen Huu Co, Fourth Army Corps Commander; Saigon. Brig. General Tran Ngoc Tam, commander of the reserves officers school. Brigadier General Ellis W. Williamson, Commander of the 173rd Brigade. Brigadier General Ellis W. Williamson, Commander of the 173rd Brigade. Brigadier General Joe Stilwell, Junior Commander of U.S. Army Support Command Vietnam. Stilwell takes a special interest in new helicopter tactics, flies as observer. Brigadier General Richard T. Knowles, assistant commander of the First Air Cavalry. The Brink Hotel goes up in flames after Vietcong terrorist attempt. British correspondents in Saigon, BBC man, Daily Telegraph Clare Hollingworth, Melbourne Herald Garry Barker. Bruce Kinsey visits Popular Force platoon in Can Giuoc. Bruce Kinsey with civilians on a river boat; Can Giuoc District. Bruce Kinsey with villagers in Can Giuoc District. Buddhist burial of Saigon riot victim. Buddhist chaplains riding Vietnamese army jeep. Buddhist demonstration in Saigon against Thieu. Buddhist monks of the Tri Quang faction demonstrating in front of Thieu's Presidential palace; Saigon. Buddhist funerals of riot victim; Saigon. Buddhist monk Thich Thong-Hanh. Buddhist monks demonstrate before the U.S. Embassy. Buddhist monks demonstrate before the U.S. embassy; Saigon. Buddhist monks demonstrate before the U.S. Embassy; Saigon. Buddhist monks from the Vien Hoa Dao Institute march while soldiers block the road; Saigon. Buddhist monks received by Vietnamese Airforce, head monk Tam Chau and AF Dep. Commander Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Buddhist Monks; Saigon. Buddhist monks; Saigon. Buddhist Monks welcoming McNamara. Buddhist spokesman Thich Nhat Thien. Buildings of U.S. embassy and U.S. Information Agency; Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Bundy with Westmoreland and Khanh inspecting damages caused by Vietcong raid against Pleiku. Bunker with Zorthian; Saigon. Burial of Saigon battle victims in the cemetery behind the home of Ambassador bunker; Saigon. Burning of the U.S. consulate in Hue. Firemen trying to put down the flames; Hue. B-57's operations at Bren Hoa Airbase. B-57's operations at Bren Hoa Airbase. Korean troops arrive in Saigon. Camau battle, aerial views of Tan Loc Village and Back Nguu Canal. Cambodia celebration. Cambodian guards patrolling border with South Vietnam after attack by South Vietnamese aircraft on Anlong Kres Village; Cambodia. Cambodian peasants dance; Cambodia. Camp Carroll. Camp followers living outside of Phuoc Vinh Camp. Campaign workers. Candidate Phan Khac Suu shaking hands with voters; Phong Dinh. Candidate Tran Van Huong; Phong Dinh. Candidate Truong dinh Dzu present for the Vietnam Presidential Elections. Cao Dai adepts. Cao Dai breaking police line to acclaim Gen. Khanh. Cao Dai faith followers gathering to welcome General Khanh; Tay Ninh. Cao Dai priests in Tay Ninh. Cao Dai religious painting; Tay Ninh. Cao Dai religious statue; Tay Ninh. Cao Dai temple in Long An Province. Capt. George H. Whisler, 7th Fleet liason officer in Saigon, giving briefing on air strikes against North Vietnam; Saigon. Captain Bill Williams with Sergeant Tran van Nu; Gia Dinh Province. Captain Chinh and Horner; Saigon. Captain Chinh followed by Horner returning from operation; Saigon. Captain Chinh interrogating Nguyen Van Bang; Saigon. Captain examines Vietcong paddy in stronghold captured from the guerrillas. Captain Henry B. Tucker, Cdr. B company. Captain Le Quang Chinh addresses farmers who are going to build fences for defense; Luong Hoa Village. Captain Le Quang Chinh, commander of Luong Hoa garrison; Luong Hoa Village. Captain Lowell Bittrich, C Company Commander. Captain Manley W. Jones. Captain Robert A. Norman with Cessna aircraft. Captain Robert Billeaud, 33, officer in charge of Rest and Recreation Center at Vung Tau Province. Captain Roger Horner and Lt. Walter Vlasak carrying radio on his back discussing village defense plan; Luong Hoa Village. Captain Schrader points at place where booby trap exploded; Saigon. Captain Stanley Schrader, Co, Bravo Company, 5th Battalion of the 12th Infantry; Saigon. Captain Zack B. Price III, Commanding the F-102's detachment at UDORN Airbase; Thailand. Captains Chinh and Horner; Saigon. Captains Williams and Rutherford. Captured communist weapons; Loc Trang. Captured teenage guerrilla; Can Giuoc District. Captured village guerrillas; Can Giuoc District. The carrier Enterprise in Tonkin Gulf. Carrier U.S. Ticonderoga. Cartoonist Maulding with Chicago Tribune Keyes Beech. Catholic parade on Unity Boulevard. Catholic Reverend Ho van Vuio, vice Premier Nguyen Luu Vien, former Economy Minister Nguyen Xuan Oanh; Saigon. Catholic sisters and girl students fishing in the lake at La Grenouillerere; Tuyen Duc. Catholics supporting Thieu. CBS cameraman Gerard Py. CBS correspondent Dan Rather. Chairman Pham Khac Suu with Khanh. Chief of General Staff Cao Van Vien and 3rd Army Corps Commander Nguyen Bao Tri. Chief of Special Branch Nguyen Van Than. Views of Binh Tuy outpost in the 6th precinct on the outskirts of Saigon; Binh Tuy. Chief of State Phan Khac Suu. On his right Council member Mai Tho Truyen and on his left Council member Tran van Van. Child swimming in canal; Luong Hoa Village. Children crossing Luong Hoa footbridge; Luong Hoa Village. Children fishing on Vai Co River because adults are shot at by Vietcong on opposite bank; Luong Hoa Village. Children leaving village at dawn to go fishing in rice paddy; Luong Hoa Village. Children of refugees from North Vietnam waving a national Vietnamese flag to welcome General Khanh. Children playing in pineapple field; Luong Hoa Village. Children war casualties enjoy hospital food after amputation; My Tho. China medicine company office in Phnom Penh selling Chinese communist drugs; Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Chinese made rockets; Loc Trang. Chinese Military Mission in Saigon. General Ten Ting Yuan. Chinook helicopter resupplying units of the 173rd Brigade in Hau Nghia Province; Hau Nghia. CIA chief Peer Dasilva and Embassy counsellor Fred Flot; Saigon. The Citadel. Cows pasturing on imperial ground; Hue. Civilian war casualty; Quang Tri. Clare Hollingworth, Daily Telegraph military correspondent; Saigon. Clare Hollingworth, military correspondent for the Daily Telegraph; Saigon. Clare Hollingworth with Life photographer Tim Page; Saigon. Clear and hold operation. Bulldozer repairing road sabotaged by Vietcong; Mekong Delta. Clear and hold operation. U.S. officers inspecting bridge sabotaged by Vietcong; Mekong Delta. Club for European rubber planters at Xuan Loc. The Coast of Central Vietnam. Col. Liem. Col. Than briefing the press; Hue. Colonel Bui Huu Nhon. Colonel George Brown, briefing officer at the Joint United States Public Affairs Office. Colonel Jasper Wilson, laison officer between Khanh and Lodge. Colonel Jasper Wilson with Vice President Nhuyen Xuan Oanh. Colonel John Hoefling, Commander, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne division; Hue. Colonel Julian Turner inspecting vegetables in Vietnam farm; Tuyen Duc. Colonel Julian Turner purchasing vegetables on the Da Lat market; Tuyen Duc. Colonel Le van Than, Hue Province Chief. Colonel Le van Than visiting the tomb with newsmen; Hue. Colonel Le van Than with Col. John Hoefling; Hue. Colonel LeVan Than, province chief in Hue. Colonel Nguyen Cao, personal aid of General Nguyen Khanh. Colonel Pham Van Lieu, Chief of Vietnamese National Police. Colonel Robert W. Shick, Wing Commander, UDORN Airbase; Thailand. Colonel Than with Army of the Republic of Vietnam officer; Hue. Colonel Vinh Loc, commander of the 9th Division in Mekong Delta; Saigon. Commander Le van Luan (deputy of Saigon police) chief with Hoa van Muoi. Communist weapons captured from the Vietcong. Constituent Assembly Chairman Phan Khac Suu and other deputies; Saigon Constituent Assembly Chairman Phan Khac Suu; Saigon. Construction of bunker by Popular Forces soldiers; Gia Dinh Province. Construction of bunkers at Nhi Tan outpost; Gia Dinh Province. Convoy on Tay Ninh Road. Correspondent George McArthur of AP; Saigon. Crew of PBR checking the cargo of a Vietnamese peasant's boat; Dong Nai River. The CRIP jeeps on reconnaissance; Tay Ninh. CRIP soldier crossing over bamboo bridge; Tay Ninh. Crippled chopper on Dong Ha airstrip. Crowd massed in front of Saigon City Hall. Czechoslovakian and Russian weapons captured from the Vietcong in Bac Lieu Province. C-130 aircraft hit by Vietcong fire on An Hoa airstrip. The Danang Press Center> Correspondents phoning their stories to Saigon. Dat-Do battle. Bodies of dead Vietcong regulars. Dat-Do battle. Bodies of dead Vietcong whose assaults against the district headquarters were broken by village militias. Dat-Do battle. In background is the house of the district chief, shelled by Vietcong. Dean Rusk arriving at Phan Rang (Central Vietnam.); Ninh Thuan Province. Dean Rusk, Lodge, General Khanh watching Vietnamese ballet. Dean Rusk with General Khanh, Harkins and Wheeler and Lodge touring Vietnamese highlands. Dean Rusk with General Khanh, Lodge and Vice President Nguyen Xuan Oanh. Defense Minister Nguyen van Thieu, General Nguyen Chanh Thi, air force Commander Nguyen Cao Ky announcing removal of General Khanh. Deputy Ambassador Samuel D. Berger in conversation with General Creighton Abrams; Can Giuoc District. Destruction in Tu-Dam Pagoda; Hue. Dignitaries of Cao Dai religion. Discovery of Vietcong arm cache in Vung Ro Bay near Cape Varella. Distribution office of Stars and Stripes, Saigon. District Chief Nguyen van Hoa with Captain Bill Williams and Lt. Peter Urso exchange ideas on how best to fortify Nhi Tan; Gia Dinh Province. Dong Ha City; Quang Tri. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Tiep. Duong van Minh, Phan Khac Suu and Khanh. During lull, Vietnamese Ranger keeps watch on crossroad in Cholon; Saigon. Dzu's posters carried by Army truck. Embassy building showing flag and 5th floor offices of Taylor and Alexis Johnson; Saigon. Embassy spokesman Harold Kaplan. Embassy spokesman Jack Steward; Saigon Empty cases of pilfered crates of condensed milk on port; Saigon. English teacher Sandra Williams. Entrance to Nhi Tan outpost; Gia Dinh Province. ESSO trucks in Saigon. European colonist in traditional colonial attire in Saigon. Every sidewalk is an open air market for small merchants; Saigon. Farmer digging a family shelter on the floor of his home as protection against bombing; Tay Ninh. Farmer in hammock taking a midday siesta because he was unable to sleep at night during a Vietcong attack; Luong Hoa Village. Farmer Le Van Phep, a Catholic who owns two hectars of pineapples at Luong Hoa. Farmer leaving village transporting water jars after Vietcong attack; Luong Hoa Village. Farmer with bombed out home; Tay Ninh. Farmers loading vegetables in cogwheel train for Cam Ranh; Tuyen Duc. Farmers with crop of cucumbers awaiting pick up trucks in the morning. Father Nguyen Minh Chien; Saigon. Father Nguyen Minh Chien; Saigon. Female rubber workers topping tree at Xuan Loc. First floor consular office which took full impact of explotion at the U.S. Embassy; Saigon. First Platoon in action, trying to recover its wounded. Fish drying by the fishing port in the sun; Phu Quoc. Flotilla of PBR's boats anchored at the Nha Be base on the Saigon River. Foreign Minister Tran Canh Thanh. Former Premier Tran van Huong; Saigon. The former seat of Phuoc Vinh. Now headquarters for Phu Giao district. Fort built on Duc Hoa road, near Nhi Tan; Gia Dinh Province. The Forty-fifth Surgical Hospital operating room. Francios Sully. Francois Sully at Luong Hoa with American Advisors. Francois Sully inspecting 75mm recoiler rifle captured from Vietcong; Loc Trang. Francois Sully visiting Angkor temples; Cambodia. Francois Sully with village children at Cai Lay. Freighter unloading ammunition at Cat Lay, Saigon River. Funeral altar for Vietnamese police chief killed by a U.S. rocket; Saigon. Funeral monument for rich farmer at Nhi Tan; Gia Dinh Province. Funeral procession turns into a political demonstration against the Tran van Huong government. Demonstrators clash with paratroopers who arrest them; Saigon. Funeral service for two U.S. Embassy victims of bombing. Coffins of embassy victims carried by U.S. Embassy officials and Navy guards; Saigon. F4C Phanthoms on the Cam Ranh Air Force base. F-104's at UDORN Airbase; Thailand. Gen. Lam Van Phat. Gen. Nguyen Duc Thang; Saigon. Gen. Nguyen Khanh addressing Tamky farmers; Saigon. General Do Cao Tri with Colonel Lam, commander of the 23rd division. General Khanh. General Khanh and McNamara disembarking at Bac Lieu. Shots include Arthur Sylvester, Taylor and Harkins; Bac Lieu. General Khanh and McNamara in a UH helicopter. General Khanh having coffee with General Do Cao Tri and U.S. military advisors. General Lewis W. Walt with Eye Corps commander Hoang Xuan Lam. General Lu Lan, commander of 23rd Division. General Nguyen Bao Tri, commander of the 7th division, Cai Lay. General Nguyen Bao Tri with Colonel Guenther of 7th Division. General Nguyen Chanh Thi and Nguyen Cao Ky. General Nguyen Duc Thang in Can Tho; Phong Dinh Province. General Nguyen Huu Co commanding 4th Corps area in Southern delta. General Nguyen huu Co, 2nd Corps commander. General Nguyen Khanh and Commander Cao Ky; Saigon. General Nguyen Khanh announcing air raid against North Vietnam; Saigon. General Nguyen Khanh drinking coffee with General Do Cao Tri, commander of the 2nd army corps. General Nguyen Khanh in field trip; Saigon. General Nguyen Khanh with Airborne brigade commander Du Quoc Dong. General Nguyen van Minh. General Nguyen van Minh. General Nguyen van Minh, Saigon military governor. General Nguyen van Minh, Saigon military governor. General Simpson with General Melvin Dwyer, Commander of Task Force Yankee. General Taylor and Westmoreland at Bien Hoa Air Base inspecting damages, Bien Hoa Province. General Taylor, McNamara, General Nguyen Khanh and Henry Cabot Lodge in Hue, Central Vietnam. General Tran van Don delivering funeral address. Don was leader of association of southern elites; Saigon. General Tran van Minh, defense minister. General view of the Da Lat market; Tuyen Duc. General views of Da Lat; Tuyen Duc. Generals Mai Huu Xuan and Tran van Don; Saigon. Generals Tran van Don, Westmoreland, Tran van Minh, Linh Quang Vien, Tran Ngoc Tam, Mai Huu Xuan, Le van Kim. G.I. worker. Gia Dinh Province Chief Nui The Cau. Girl taking water from river for cooking; Luong Hoa Village. G.I.'s reading the Stars and Stripes in the field. Glenn Ford; Saigon. Government outpost. Gunner of medivac helicopter. Hai Van Pass. Hanoi draftee Ta Van Xuyen. Hao Hao villagers welcoming McNamara; Long Xuyen Province. Harbor thieves; Saigon. Head Monh Thich Tam Chau with Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Loan, Chief of Military Security Service. Head Monh Thich Tam Chau with Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Loan, Chief of Military Security Service. Head monk Thich Minh Truc, head of Vietnam's Buddhist General Association. Headquarters of the 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division at Dong Tam. Headquarters of U.S. battalion in delta. Helicopters arriving at staging area with dead Marines. Hello Dolly troop arriving in Saigon. Hello Dolly troop arriving in Saigon. Mary Martin deplaining at Tan Son Nhut Airbase. Henry Cabot Lodge in aircraft; Saigon. Henry Cabot Lodge visiting Quang Tin Province distributing candies to Vietnamese children, meeting with elders, and posing with a French newspaperwoman. Hired pedicab drivers carrying political posters for Ky and Thieu. Hoa Hoa leader Lam Thanh Nguyen; Saigon. Hole made in Chinese school by a U.S. rocket fired by helicopter; Saigon. Home Affairs Minister Ha Thuc Ky; Saigon. Home destroyed by U.S. fire power during Saigon battle; Saigon. Hotel-restaurant owned by Vietnamese General Dan van Quang; Phong Dinh Province. House of manager at Xuan Loc. Servants in foreground. House shelled in Hue. Hue Citadel; Thua Thien. Hue market. Copper cult objects are made with discarded shell casings. Huge Sihanouk portrait displayed on wall of information office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Hull of a sunk Vietcong gun smuggling boat. Huong reviewing demobilized soldiers; Saigon. The imperial tombs near Hue. The Imperial tombs. Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang completed in 1843; Hue. Industry Minister LaThanh Nghe for Vietnam Issue. Installation of the Tran van Huong cabinet in Saigon gialong palace. Interior Minister Dr. Nguyen Luu Vien; Saigon. Interior Minister for Security, Gen. Tran Thien Khiem. Interpreter Mai Khanh; Mekong Delta. Jo Luman, Lodge's press officer in Saigon. John Maffre of The Washington Post; Cambodia. Joint United States Public Affairs Office secretary Jeani Hancock. Journalist priest Nguyen Quang Lam. Kevin Buckley in Hue. Kevin Buckley posing as photographer. Khanh leaves; Saigon. Khanh making Bac Lieu speech; Bac Lieu. Khanh, McNamara, Harkins boarding a C-123 aircraft at Tan son Nhut airbase for field trip; Saigon. Khanh, McNamara, Taylor addressing the crowd from the balcony of city hall at Hao Hao village; Long Xuyen Province. Kinsey with district chief (with hat) and chief of local administration Dox Nguyen Ke Dai; Can Giuoc District. Korean General Chae Myung Shin, Commander of Korean forces in Vietnam. Ky in Quang Tri. La Grenouillere; Tuyen Duc. Layer Vuong Van Bac and Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Huy sitting next to Ky. Both are members of the official Vietnamese delegation to Paris; Saigon. LCDR J.B. Davis and C.F. Moslener. Le Monde correspondent, J C Pomonti in Vietnam; Tay Ninh. Le Monde's J C Pomonti; Mekong Delta. Le Monde's Pomonti with SDF militia; Tra Cu District. Lieu with Saigon Police Chief Hoa Van Muoi. Lieutenant Colonel Trung, Tay Ninh province chief. Life Magazine's Larry Burrows. Line of RF-101 photographic aircraft and pilots; Thailand. Little boy driving buffalos to pasture; Long An. Little Minh, Huynh van Cao, Premier Quat. Lodge and Khanh saluting flag; Saigon. Lodge in Saigon. Lodge with Col. Ngo Dzu; Saigon. Lodge's residence in Saigon. Lonely land owner who stayed behind; Can Giuoc District. Lt. Carl White adviser to the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Company. Vietnamese Marines radioing guidance to artillery during Saigon battle. Lt. Colonel Arthur F. Driscoll, U.S. Provost Marshal in Vietnam. Lt. Colonel Irving Wendt and Colonel Jok(?) F. Freund. Lt. Colonel Le Duc Dat, Phuoc-Tuy Province Chief. Lt. Colonel Le Duc Dat with captured Vietcong weapons including Czechoslovakian automatic rifle. Lt. Gen. William Westmoreland, Brig. Gen. Ton-That-Xung, Ambassador Lodge; Saigon. Lt. General Westmoreland and Henry Cabot Lodge; Saigon. Lt. General William Westmoreland; Saigon. Lt. Kenneth M. Tolley briefing his squad leaders before a reconnaissance patrol in Tay Ninh Province. Lt. Tolley and Lt. Chau having lunch in farmer's home; Tay Ninh. Lt. Tolley in front of Cao Dai Temple; Tay Ninh. Lt. Tolley showing captured Russian gas mask, then riding Jeep in front of Tay Ninh Temple. Lunch for 200 monks at the Buddhist National Shrine. Luong Hoa housewives evacuating village. Luong Hoa pineapple farmers. Luong Hoa River facing the Vai Co River. Opposite side of the river is controlled by the Vietcong who occasionally snipe at Luong Hoa. Luong Hoa self defense outpost after Vietcong attack in December 1964. Luong Hoa village scene. Luong Hoa villagers bathing in irrigation canal Machinegunner watching the road to Tay Ninh. Main Vietcong position in fire after U.S. airstrike. Major Donald Fisch, Hoc Mon District Adviser with Captain Bill Williams at Nhi Tan outpost; Gia Dinh Province. Major General Joseph Moore, commander 2nd Division; Saigon. Major Nguyen van Hoa, interpreter and Captain Williams; Gia Dinh Province. Major Samuel Sindoni; Can Giuoc District. Map of Saigon showing impact of Vietnamese rockets. Marine General Orman Simpson, Commander of the 1st Marine Division. Marine Master Sergeant buying books at Stars and Stripes newsstand; Saigon. Marine observation tower in Dong Ha; Quang Tri. Marine officer phones orders to his troops during My Tho fight. Marine positions defending the camp; Quang Tri. Marine positions on Hill 801; Quang Tri. Marine tank in Danang. Marine trying Vietnamese slingshot; Danang. Marines along the Danang River. Marines and Vietnamese engineers resting on a pile of life saving jackets on Danang beach after the landing. Marines Antos tanks on Danang beach. Marines Commander Le Nguyen Khang with General Thi. Marines landing on Danang beach. Marines load their wounded on Jeep in street fighting; Saigon. Marines loading supplies aboard helicopters for the front. McGeorge Bundy and Taylor; Saigon. McGeorge Bundy arriving in Saigon; met by Ambassador Taylor at Tan Son Nhut airport. McGeorge bundy in Pleiku province. McNamara and Taylor. McNamara arriving at village of Hao Hao with Khanh; Long Xuyen Province. McNamara, General Taylor, General Nguyen Khanh and Henry Cabot Lodge in Hue, Central Vietnam. McNamara, Nguyen Khanh, General Taylor addressing a Vietnamese crowd; Bac Lieu. McNamara, Nguyen Khanh, General Taylor making speech in village of Hoa Hoa; Long Xuyen Province. McNamara party at Bac Lieu with Vice President Nguyen Xuan Oanh. McNamara visiting village of Hao Hao with Khanh, shaking hands with Vietnamese kids, waving at crowd; Long Xuyen Province. McNamara's arrival in Saigon. Scenes at Tan son Nhut airport. Medic Lampman, 19, from Niagara Falls, 5th Battalion, 12th Infantry; Saigon. Medic testing wounded in helicopter. Medivac helicopter gunner. Medivac helicopter landing on the Repose hospital ship. Memorial services for Americans killed at Pleiku; Saigon. Men of the 5th Battalion of the 12th Infantry in their area of operation near Binh Chanh. Men of the 66th Popular Force Platoon on patrol in Nhi Tan hamlet; Gia Dinh Province. Michael Chonjan(?), helicopter crew chief 155 Aviation Company base in Ban Me Thout; Darlac Province. Michelin Plantation. Militia standing guard in village; Long An. Militias recovering their dead after Vietcong attack against Duc Hoa outpost. Minh Thanh Special Forces Camp, 50 miles north of Saigon. The miniskirted scene in Saigon. Young Vietnamese girls wear Western dress. Monk Thich Tam Chau and Bishop Nguyen van Binh. Monk Tich Quang Lien in Bo De school; Saigon. Montagnard girl Sao Muong (draped in blanket, smoking a short bamboo pipe); Village of Duc Xuyen. Montagnard Lieutenant Y Nho of the Ethnic Minority Bureau; Village of Duc Xuyen. Montagnard Y Bna (Duc Xuyen Village). Montagnard Y Bna (Duc Xuyen Village). Mother bathing child; Luong Hoa Village. Mrs. Nguyen Khanh; Saigon. My Tho Hospital, civilian war casualties. National Day parade; Saigon. Navy commander Chung Tan Cang with Saigon Military Governor Pham van Dong. Navy commander Harry B. Southworth of Mexico, New York who led airstrike against North Vietnamese's SAM site on October 17. Navy man standing on deck of PBR aims his weapon at the guerrilla infested bank of the Saigon River. Navy medical detachment processing wounded Marines before their evacuation to the Repose hospital ship; Dong Ha. Navy pilots in the Ready Room of the U.S.S. Enterprise before strike mission against North Vietnam. Negro sergeant. Negro soldier of the 1st Infantry Division searching a Vietcong trench. New bridge construction in Danang. New Chief of State, Phan Khai Suu. New replacements arriving at Bravo Company; Saigon.
New Saigon Prefect, Tran van Huong; Saigon. The new suburb of Gia Dinh built along the Bien Hoa highway. Note shacks built over the water of a canal. New type of U-2 plane returning from observation mission over North Vietnam lands at Bien Hoa Airbase. New Vietnamese cabinet at Gialong Palace. Included in pictures are Premier Huong and Tran van Minh; Saigon. The New York Times Joe Treaster. Newly arrived GI's filling sandbags with Vietnamese children at Dong Tam Base; Mekong Delta. Newly formed Vietnamese armor unit on the road; Saigon. Newly ordained Vietnamese nuns. Newsmen in gialong palace waiting for new cabinet; Saigon. Nguyen Cao Ky. Nguyen Cao Ky addressing the press upon his arrival to Saigon returning from Paris. Nguyen Cao Ky in Hue; Thua Thien Province. Nguyen Cao Ky with 2nd air division commander Joseph H. Moore. Nguyen Khang and Westmoreland. Nguyen van Thieu campaigning. Nguyen van Thieu delivering campaign speech. Nguyen Xuan Oanh. Nhi Tan Hamlet chief Ngo van Khom; Gia Dinh Province. Nhi Tan outpost, the sentry watchtower; Gia Dinh Province. Night scenes in front of movie theatre; Saigon. Night scenes in Saigon on Vietnamese New Year's Eve. Crowd walking toward the Central and Flower Markets. Norodom Sihanouk portrait and propaganda on Phnom Penh's walls; Phnom Penh, Cambodia. North Vietnamese platoon leader Tran Huy Nho. Office of Stevedores Company at the Port of Saigon. Officer reading Newsweek in the field at dusk. Officers club at Phuoc Vinh. Officers of the First Division inspecting weapons captured from the Vietcong after the battle of Ap Nha Mat. Old man visiting the grave of his dead son, in a military camp in Hue. Old peasant voter; Luong Hoa village. An old woman and daughter evacuating Hue. Opening of Self Reliance Campaign by civil servants and students and police; Saigon. Operation Crimp. Aerial view of U.S. camp; Hau Nghia Province. Operation Crimp. U.S. soldiers searching Vietcong trenches; Hau Nghia Province. Operation Crimp, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. Iron Triangle, Cu Chi district. U.S. soldiers exploring Vietcong cave; Hau Nghia Province. Operation Crimp, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. Location, Iron Triangle, Cu Chi District, Hau Nghia Province, 25 miles northwest of Saigon. Operation Crimp, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. U.S. Corporal Joseph M. Lara, searching Vietcong tunnel and taking out farmer hiding from U.S. troops, Hau Nghia Province. Outpost in Mekong Delta. Paratroopers and schoolboys in action; Saigon. Paris Match photographer Camus. PBR crews on patrol on the Saigon River. PBR on the Dong Nai River. PBR's on the Saigon River recovering a SEAL Team. PBR's patrolling the Dong Nai River. Peasant boy selling icicles to CRIP soldiers in the field; Tay Ninh. Peasant boys selling sandwiches to the CRIP soldiers; Tay Nanh. Peasant with head wound caused by shrapnel gets an X-ray; My Tho. Peasants demonstrating against the Vietcong; Saigon. Peasants of Central Vietnam; Quang Tin Province. Petty Officer James B. Rogers, crew chief of PBR; Saigon River. Petty Officer James B. Rogers; Saigon River. Pham Huy Quat press conference; Saigon. Phan guan Dan with voters; Phong Dinh. Phan Khac Suu receiving executive powers from Duong van Minh and General Khanh. Phu Binh District. Pilot Lt. Bill Blunt, 26, returning from a stike against North Vietnam. Pilot Robert Norman in Cessna. Pilots and aircraft on the Enterprise in Tonkin Gulf. Platoon leader - First Lieutenant David Ceika. Platoon leader; Saigon. Pleiku airstrip after Vietcong attack. Police force of the 4th Precinct getting briefed for the night raid; Saigon. Policemen checking identity papers of dwellers in slum area of Vinh Hoi. Political Counsellor Arch Calhoun, and Roy Weherler, economic counsellor; Saigon Political workers hanging posters; Phong Dinh. Politician Pham Huy Co, Saigon. Polling officials; Luong Hoa village. Popular Forces soldier; Gia Dinh Province. The port at siesta time: no one works while goods stand on quays where they are easy prey for thieves; Saigon. Portrait of 15 year old Le van Ngoc carried by his sister; Saigon. The post exchange; Phuoc Vinh. Premier Huong and President Nguyen van Thieu visiting central Vietnam. Premier Quat with Taylor and Generals Travan Minh and Huynh van Cao; Saigon. Premier Tran Van Huong. Premier Tran Van Huong addressing high council. President Nguyen van Thieu. President Nguyen van Thieu and Premier Tran van Huong salute the flag at An Hoa Valley. President Thien, Nguyen Cao Ky and Premier Tran van Khiem on reviewing stand, with wives. President Thieu talking with militiamen. President Thieu visiting hamlet in Central Vietnam. President Thieu with other South Vietnamese dignitaries attending briefing in Tay Ninh. Three star Gen. Do Cao Tri and defense minister Nguyen van Vy. President Thieu with villagers in Central Vietnam. Presidential campaign in Can Tho; Phong Dinh. Priest Nguyen Duc Thinh. The Princeton helicopter carrier. Pro Buddhist demonstrations protesting against government use of force in Danang and blaming the U.S. for supporting the Nguyen Cao Ky government, Hue. Procession of Chinese returning from a visit to relatives on Vietnam Cambodia border. Quang Tri foothills after B-52 strikes. Queue of voters. Voting for the presidency; Luong Hoa village. Rach Kien District. Ranger Colonel Nguyen van Hai radios order to troops during battle in Cholon. Ranger NCO playing mouth organ; Saigon. Rear Admiral J.R. Reedy aboard the Kitty Hawk. Rebel Rangers take over telecommunication building, read newspapers to find on which they are; Saigon. Rebel units of the 7th Division take position near Saigon's Cathedral on Sunday while crowds of bewildered Vietnamese civilians watch; Saigon. Rebel 1st airborne battalion switched side in middle of rebellion. While their officers negotiate, paratroopers guard Interior Ministry on rue Catinat; Saigon. Refugee camp organized by the Vietnamese students association and IVS volunteers on Duy Tan Street; Saigon. Refugee camp organized by Vietnamese Students Association and IVS volunteers on Duy Tan Street; Saigon. Refugees from North Vietnam. Remnants of Citroen car after explosion at the U.S. Embassy. Result of one explotion on Tu Do street and the beheaded body of Vietnamese bystander lies on the sidewalk; Saigon. Richard E. Stillwell with Premier Tran van Huong. Rifleman Larry D. Owen, 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company; Saigon. Riot police protecting "gialong palace"; Saigon. Riots in front of the Vien Hoa Dao, buddhist institute; Saigon. River basin at Dong Dam. Roadblock set by Vietcong across Hau Giang Boulevard; Saigon. Robert McNamara, secretary of defense, on his visit to Vietnam. Rubber plantation. Rubber plantation poisoned by U.S. chemical spray, in background. Rubber trees at Xuan Loc sabotaged by the Vietcong. Russian made 140mm rocket and launcher captured in Dong Ha; Quang Tri. Sabotaged tree. Saigon field police. Saigon flower market. Saigon labor leader Nguyen Khanh Van. Saigon night scene: Vietnamese "cowboys" on Honda. Saigon noon traffic on Boulevard Le Loi. Saigon Police Chief Tran Van Sat. Saigon police guarding U.S. building against Vietcong terrorists. Saigon policemen searching travelers and buses entering the city for grenades and Vietcong propaganda. Saigon Prefect Colonel do Kein Nhieu. Saigon Prefect Do Kien Nhieu. Saigon scenes. Saigon student Colette Hang. Saigon student leader Nguyen Dang Trung. Saigon students joining the Civil Defense Corps. Saigon youngsters demonstrating against Premier Huong. Saigonese sleeping in shelter during rocket attack; Saigon. Sam Hosier and other U.S. advisors traveling to Phu Quoc Island. Scenes at the Vietnam Cambodia border market. The thatched huts were used by the smugglers to sell contraband goods. Scenes in Attopen Province; Laos. Scenes in Attopen Province; Laos. Scenes in Attopen Province; Laos. Scenes in Cambodia. Scenes in Cambodia. Scenes in Danang. Scenes in Danang. Scenes in Dong Ha; Quang Tri. Scenes in Hue; Thua Thien. Scenes in Saigon. Scenes in Saigon. Scenes in Saigon. Scenes in Saigon. Scenes in Saigon. Scenes of battered city and refugees; Pleiku. Scenes of buying spree and carnival atmosphere at Saigon Central Market. Scenes of Kontum. Scenes of Saigon. Scenes of Tet including the flower market; Saigon. Scenes of the traditional Tet Flower Market on Nguyen Hue Boulevard; Saigon. Scenes on rue Tu Do at night; Saigon. Scooter traffic on road. Second corps commander Nguyen Huu Co with First corps commander Nguyen Chang Thi. Self Defense Force getting ready for their first shooting practice at Tra Cu. Self defense militia in Hue citadel. Self-defense man Sar Tong with carbine climbing in his long hut; Village of Duc Xuyen. Self-defense militiamen. Senator Nguyen Gia Hien. Senator Nguyen van Chuan; Saigon Sentry at a police outpost of the 7th Precinct; Saigon. Sergeant James E. Mattson, 27 Squad leader C Company 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry, playing with Vietnamese children at Lai Khe. Sergeant Lonne Johnson, 30, from Flint, MI, heavy weapons specialist of the Alpha Team. Sgt. Billy Wear, Platoon Sergeant, B Company. Shipping on the Saigon River. Shopkeeper Chin Het, one of the richest men in Luong Hoa, stands in front of empty shelves. Sioux helicopter performing reconnaissance mission. Site of the University of Can Tho; Phong Dinh Province. Situation map; Saigon. The slum area of Thu Thien in the port area; Saigon. Smoldering remnants of B-57 at Bien Hoa. Soldier bringing barbed wire to fortify village; Luong Hoa Village. Soldier voting; Luong Hoa village. Soldier watching crowd of peasants during an official function. Soldier wounded during Vietcong attack is examined by an army doctor; Luong Hoa Village. Soldiers arresting political demonstrators who will be drafted into the army; Saigon. Soldiers at Luong Hoa. Soldiers, barbed wire and civilians. Soldiers building fences around Luong Hoa. Soldiers cooling off in a stream. Soldiers dig common grave for their dead colonel, his wife and their five children who were slain by the Vietcong during the first hour of battle; Saigon. Soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division filling sandbags with assistance of Vietnamese children; Dong Tam. Soldiers watching Vietcong air raid shelter in Vietcong classroom; Hau Nghia. Soldiers, weapons, barbed wire and sandbags. Soldiers, weapons, trucks and jeeps. South Vietnam cabinet visiting An Hoa Valley. South Vietnamese buddhist monks at meeting protesting shelling of Saigon. SP4 Donald Kaplan, 19, A Company, 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry on hospital bed at Lai. Staff Sergeant James E. Downing, standing, Lt. Peter Urso, sitting; Gia Dinh Province. Staff Sergeant Sylvester Bryant, C Company, 1st Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry, 173rd Brigade. Staff Sgt. Sylvester Bryant. Stars and Stripes newstand in Saigon Statue of the late Chief of the Province Nguyen Minh Mang; Phuoc Vinh. Stone statues at the tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh; Hue. Street demonstrations against the presidential palace; Saigon. Street fighting in Cholon; Saigon. Street scene at Duong Dong; Phu Quoc. Street scenes around the Embassy. Bill Touhy is stopped by U.S. Military Police; Saigon. Street scenes in village; Luong Hoa Village. Street Vendor Tong Thi Em. Street vendors selling black market and stolen goods; Saigon. Student leaders trying to appease rioters; Saigon. Student To Lai Chanh. Students arriving in Hue to help with the refugee work. Students rioting against the government of Tran Van Huong; Saigon. Sully after the action. Sully carrying mortar shells; Saigon. Sully flying to Pleiku in caribou aircraft. Sully in Cessna. Sully in foxhole at Binh Gia. Sully interviewing Colonel Nguyen van Hai during Cholon battle, Saigon. Sully interviewing U.S. helicopter door gunner. Sully on rubber plantation. Sully riding a canoe on the Se Kong River; Attopen Province, Laos. Sully with Colonel Le van Than; Hue. Sully with CRIPS; Tay Ninh. Sully with General Nguyen van Minh. Sully with local children. Sully with U.S. advisors in Mekong Delta. Supplies unloaded on Dong Ha airstrip. Takli airbase. F-105 pilots returning from strike against the Thai Nguyen Steel Mill; Thailand. Takli airbase. F-105 pilots returning from strike against the Thai Nguyen Steel Mill; Thailand. Tamky peasants; Saigon Tamky province peasants; Saigon. Tan Son Nhut Airbase; Saigon. Tan Son Nhut Airport. Operation Flashblub; Saigon. Tank retriever in the field. Tanks on the road to Tay Ninh. Task Force Yankee, An Hoa Valley; Danang. Taylor leaving Saigon. Taylor with Premier Quat. Textile workers demonstrating where they blockaded the Premier's office for 12 hours; Saigon. Thai Military Mission in Saigon. Thich Quang Lien at Bo De School; Saigon. Thich Tam Chau. Thua Thien mountain after a B-52 strike. Tolley questioning Cao Dai refugees; Tay Ninh. The tomb of Deim's father; Hue. Tra Cu farmers drafted in the Self Defense Corps; Mekong Delta. Tra Cu militiamen on firing range. The train in Vietnam; Saigon. Tran Minh Quan and Colonel Julian Turner; Tuyen Duc. Tran van Binh; Saigon. Tran van Do, Foreign Affairs Minister. Tran van Do with General Pham Xuan Chieu. Tran van Don and Reverend Ho van Vuoi; Saigon. Tran Van Don with Vice Premier Nguyen Luu Vien; Saigon. Tran van Huong and Saigon military governor Pham van Dong. Army security chief General Linh Quang Vien. Tran van Huong discussing with Military Governor Pham van Dong. Tran Van Van. Tran van Van's funeral. Van's brother in law holds portrait of Van; Saigon. Triage room aboard the Repose hospital ship. Trials of coup leaders. Triumvirate giving press conference. Nguyen Khanh in civilian clothes, acting chief of state, Duong van Minh, Commander in Chief General Tran Thien Khiem; Saigon. Troops on the 173rd Brigade moving through sugarcane field along the Vaico River. Two-star General Melvin Zais, Commander of 101st Airborne Division protecting Hue. U. Alexis Johnson. U. Alexis Johnson; Saigon. Unloading dead Marines soldiers. UPI correspondent Neil Sheehan; Saigon. UPI correspondent Steve Northup. UPI Nik Wheeler and IB Heller; Saigon. Urban scenes in Can Tho City; Phong Dinh Province. U.S. adivsor returning from patrol at Binh Gia. U.S. advisor to Vietnamese airborne battalion wearing Vietnamese uniform. U.S. advisor wearing a Vietcong helmet captured on the battle field. U.S. advisors with Vietnamese marine battalion. U.S. Air Force Colonel Hal Price. U.S. airmen at Saigon Airport. U.S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker with wife. U.S. armor. U.S. armor in action in Vietnam, M48 tanks. U.S. armor in the field. Operation Crimp; Hau Nghia Province. U.S. armor "opening" Mekong Delta road. U.S. armor supporting operation Crimp; Hau Nghia. U.S. Army airstip at Cam Ranh Bay. U.S. Army Chief of Staff Harold K. Johnson, U.S. Information Agency Director Rowen, and John T. McNaughton, assistant secretary of defense. U.S. Army major advisor to the Camau Brigade. U.S. Army stockpiles in Cam Ranh. U.S. captain is eased out of Vietcong tunnel by comrades after search of the cave. U.S. Embassy guarded by Vietnamese Cops and MP's; Saigon. U.S. Embassy top officials, and chief CIA man in Saigon. U.S. helicopter flying over the battle scene of Tan Loc Village, where Vietcong battalion U. MINH 2 was crushed by Vietnamese 21st division; Camau Province. U.S. helicopters bringing supplies for Luong Hoa. U.S. Information Agency Director Barry Zorthian (on left); Saigon. U.S. jets and Marine Corp. Hercules at Danang airbase. Jets are heading for targets in Laos. U.S. jets in Danang airbase. U.S. Marine advisors playing with Vietnamese children in newly liberated village; Mekong Delta. U.S. Marines advisors in Go Cong Province. U.S. Marines buying soft drinks; Saigon. U.S. Marines fighting on Hill 801; Quang Tri. U.S. Marines in Danang. U.S. Marines landing in Danang. U.S. Marines landing in Danang. U.S. Marines landing in Danang. U.S. Marines on Hill 801. U.S. medics attending to Vietnamese wounded; Loc Trang. U.S. medics dressing vietnamese wounded after an airstike. U.S. military advisor and Vietnamese radio at Hoa Hoa village; Long Xuyan Province. U.S. military police; Saigon. U.S. mortar crew firing at Vietcong. U.S. nurse Helene Hon Hart with patients. Mytho Hospital. U.S. Officer eating combat ration in field tent. U.S. political reporters watching campaign in My Tho; Dinh Thuong. U.S. secretaries vacationing on the beach at Phu Quoc. Rest of the film shows various scenes at Duong Dong. U.S. sergeant killed by sniper during search of Vietcong tunnel. Operation Crimp Hau Nghia Province. U.S. soldiers destroy huts in Vietcong-held village. U.S. soldiers exploring tunnel in "Iron Triangle;" Hau Nghia. U.S. soldiers of 1st Infantry Division searching Vietcong hole; Hau Nghia. U.S. soldiers searching entrance of a Vietcong cave. U.S. soldiers with captured Vietcong flag; Hau Nghia. U.S. special force firing mortar at Tan Phu; Mekong Delta. U.S. special forces camp at Tan Phu; Mekong Delta. U.S. tanks moving through Saigon traffic; Saigon. U.S. tanks, 25th Division take position to defend Tan Son Nhut Air Base; Saigon. U.S. troops inspecting Chinese weapons captured from the Vietcong at Bau Bang. U.S. troops inspecting Chinese weapons captured from the Vietcong at Bau Bang. U.S. troops searching the terrain for Vietcong tunnels and cave, destroying Vietcong rice supplies; Hau Nghia. U.S. 25th Infantry Division wounded after fight in Tay Ninh province. Vacationers at the Da Lat Palace Hotel; Tuyen Duc. Van's family surrounding casket before lowering into grave. Van's youger son holds portrait while his widow looks on; Saigon. Vegetable crates are loaded aboard cogwheel train for Cam Ranh; Tuyen Duc. Vegetable growers; Tuyen Duc. Vice Consul Eddie Smith at the Saigon Circle Sportif's swimming pool. Vice Consul Eddie Smith at the Saigon swimming pool. Vice Premier Nguyen Xuan Oanh. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey with Premier Nguyen Cao Ky; Saigon. Vice President Humphrey addressing Vietnamese leaders; Saigon. Vice-President Nguyen Xan Oanh. Vice-President Nguyen Xuan Oanh; Saigon. Vietcong bodies lining Route 13 after the Battle of Bau Bang, 1st Infantry, 3rd Brigade. Vietcong defector Nguyen Van Bang; Saigon. Vietcong guerrillas captured at Loc Trang. Vietcong Platoon leader Tran Huy Nho. Vietcong Platoon leader Tran Huy Nho with interpreter. Vietcong prisoners; Mekong Delta. Vietcong soldiers resting after surrender to Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Vietcong weapons captured in Luong Hoa; Saigon. Vietnam: A Television History Vietnam: A Television History Vietnam army doctor giving treatment to Vietnamese peasants at Binh Gia. Vietnam battle and U.S. advisors . Vietnam buses on the road to Tay Ninh. Vietnam Foreign Affairs Minister Tran Van Do; Saigon. Vietnam funerals. Vietnam Interior Minister Nguyen Luu Vien. Vietnam Premier Tran Van Huong. Vietnam Premier Tran Van Huong. Vietnam Premier Tran van Huong and Vietnamese officers in City Hall ceremony. Vietnam Presidential elections. Candidate Ha Thuc Ky. Vietnam Presidential elections. Candidate Pham quan Dan. Vietnam Presidential elections. Candidates Tran van Huong and Truong dinh Dzu. Vietnam war correspondents in the field. Los Angeles Times Jack Foisie and the New York Times Charles Mohr. Vietnamese airforce soldiers attending Buddhist ceremony with head monk Tam Chau. Vietnamese and American pilots who participated in raid. Vietnamese and U.S. paratroopers awarded medals on Vietnamese airborne day. Vietnamese armed forces chief of staff Tran van Minh. Vietnamese Army document on rural strategy; Saigon. Vietnamese buddhist monks. Vietnamese cabinet. Vice President Nguyen Xuan Oanh, Premier Tran van Huong, and Vice President Nguyen Vien. Vietnamese children helping GI's to build fortification in Dong Tam; Mekong Delta. Vietnamese Colonel Cao Hao Hon, commander of the 25th Infantry Division at Bac Lieu with U.S. military advisor; Bac Vietnamese crowd attending political rally in My Tho. Many soldiers are in crowd. Vietnamese engineers repairing blown up bridge on the road to Duc Hoa outpost; Gia Dinh Province. Vietnamese farmers on their way to village festival. Vietnamese Foreign Affairs Minister Phan Huy Quat. Vietnamese General Huynh van Cao, Korea's Minister Lee and General Chae. Vietnamese honeymooners and vacationing families near the lake; Tuyen Duc. Vietnamese ladies strolling on Saigon Boulevard. Vietnamese man pulled out of Vietcong tunnel. Vietnamese marine having a shave in a village barber shop; Mekong Delta. Vietnamese men in street, Saigon. Vietnamese military band; Saigon. Vietnamese ministers; Saigon. Vietnamese motorbike drivers waiting for customers in the evening at the gate of the Ton Son Nhut Airbase; Saigon. Vietnamese officers playing cards, and playing guitar while singing; Mekong Delta. Vietnamese paratroopers. Vietnamese paratroopers jumping in Saigon's suburbs. Vietnamese peasants. Vietnamese photographer; Saigon. Vietnamese policemen line up for duty in Cholon, Saigon. Vietnamese praying at Le Van Duyet pagoda on the outskirts of Saigon. Vietnamese railroad. Passenger Francois Sully is seen as train stops at a small station west of Saigon. Vietnamese Rangers during the fighting in Cholon; Saigon. Vietnamese rangers in barbershop on Han Giang Boulevard, resting after tough fighting; Saigon. Vietnamese rangers; Saigon. Vietnamese rangers; Saigon. Vietnamese Rangers voting in Luong Hoa. Vietnamese sentries taking siesta; Mekong Delta. Vietnamese soldiers. Vietnamese soldiers counting 50 caliber rounds captured from the Vietcong. Vietnamese soldiers embarking aboard patrol craft on Tan Phu canal; Mekong Delta. Vietnamese soldiers hauling captured Vietcong 75mm recoiler rifle. Vietnamese soldiers on guard duty at Xuan Loc rubber plantation. Vietnamese soldiers watching road traffic. Vietnamese tanks during Cholon fight on Confucius Boulevard; Saigon. Vietnamese troops embarking river craft at Tan Phu for action against guerrillas in delta; Mekong Delta. Vietnamese village festival. Vietnamese VIP's attending Tran van Van's funerals. General Mai Huu Xuan and Reverend Ho van Vuoi; Saigon. Vietnamese war veteran; Saigon. Vietnamese women at burial of Vietnamese officer killed during fighting in Saigon. Vietnamese worker on Cam Ranh logistical base. Vietnam's labor leader Tran quoc Buu. View of Cholon houses held by Vietcong, Saigon. Views of aircraft on Tan Son Nhut airbase. Vietnamese laborers working on the base remove old pierced steel planking. Views of Angkor Temples; Cambodia. Views of buildings on Dong Khanh Street held by Vietcong; Saigon. Views of Cam Ranh Bay inner harbor. Views of housing block held by guerrillas in Cholon; Saigon. Views of Khe Sanh on the airstrip; Quang Tri. Views of military scenes taken at Tan Phu, 130 miles southwest of Saigon in Mekong Delta. Views on Hau Giang Boulevard during the fighting; Saigon. Village barber gives haircut to soldier; Luong Hoa Village. Village clerk in Long An Province. Village elders; Saigon. Village fort in Bo Kinh hamlet; Long An. Village guard. Village informers bring intelligence to the troops; Tay Ninh. Village militia, Tran van Hieu; Luong Hoa Village. The village of Khe Sanh; Quang Tri. Village scenes in Luong Hoa. Villagers. Villagers in La Chuu hamlet's bombed out village temple. Villagers on their way to the bridge burned by Vietcong, Luong Hoa Village. Village's elders in traditional garb of notables. VIMYTEX (a textile mill) workers demonstrating in front of General Khanh's office for rehiring of fired workers; Saigon. Vo Thi Dien, 72 years old, female farmer; Saigon. Voting in Luong Hoa. The war in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam; Saigon. Ward C on the Repose hospital ship. Warrant officer C.T. Jones, pilot helicopter. Washington Post Editor Harry Rosenfeld; Hue. Washington Post's Ward Just in the field with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Westmoreland and General Nguyen Khanh. Westmoreland, General Richard G. Stilwell and Taylor. Westmoreland, Lodge, and USOM rep. Joe Vaccaro; Saigon. Westmoreland, Nguyen Cao Ky and Khanh. Westmoreland with General Nguyen Huu Co; Saigon. William Willoughby, 21, radio operator, Special Force Camp at Chau Doc Province. Woman strolling around the lake; Tuyen Duc. Women lament the death of their young Air Force lieutenants; Saigon. Women leaving the area with belongings during street fighting; Saigon. Wounded Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson evacuates the Embassy after the explosion; Saigon. Wounded American bleeding on his face. Wounded arriving on the Repose hospital ship by helicopter. Wounded Marines arriving aboard the Repose hospital ship. Wounded Marines loaded aboard chopper, Donh Ha. Wounded North Vietnamese doctor receives treatment at Can Giuoc infirmary. Wounded on stretchers brought in by rioters; Saigon. Young demobilized soldiers attend last review before returning to their villages. Young draftee nicknamed "Flower"; Tay Ninh. Young female with rubber workers. Young self defense militias in Hoa Hoa country. Young Vietnamese soldiers befriending blind beggar playing guitar on the street. 1st Army Corps Commander Nguyen Chanh Thi with air force Commander Nguyen Cao Ky. 1st Infantry men destroying houses in Vietcong held area; Hau Nghia. 25th Division ARVN soldier patroling Can Giuoc's road. 66 year old farmer; Saigon.