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Lidia Celebrates America; Holiday Tables and Traditions



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Lidia Celebrates America
Holiday Tables and Traditions
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Series Description

This series is a multi-cultural experience celebrating the diversity in America. Celebrity chef and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich takes a culinary journey that will seat us at the table of families all across rural and urban America. From east to west, north to south, experience along with Lidia the diverse melting pot that is America. This series is a deeply personal journey that allows Lidia to share her culinary traditions, heritage and history with others who also have great stories to tell.

Specials—scheduled for broadcast in 2012—viewers will join Lidia for a variety of tasty ethnic celebrations, including weddings, rites of passage, and celebrations of independence. Series release date: 12/20/2011

Program Description

The first in a series of Lidia Celebrates America specials coming to PBS, this one-hour program explores the American immigrant experience through the revelry of the holidays.

An Italian Christmas Eve. A Mexican-American Christmas Day. A Chinese New Year. A Passover Seder. Four holidays, four very different tables and traditions. As viewers participate in the various ethnic and religious celebrations across the country, it’s clear food is the common denominator that ties all human beings.


Pork Tamales: Course: Entree: Cuisine: Mexican: Theme: Meat

Roast Lobster with Bread Topping: Course: Entree: Cuisine: Italian: Theme: Seafood

Maggie and Stella’s Hand-Hacked Seafood Potstickers: Course: Appetizer: Cuisine: Chinese: Theme: Cooking with Kids

Octopus and Potato Salad: Course: Salad, Side Dish: Cuisine: Italian: Occasion: Christmas: Theme: Seafood

Monkfish Brodetto: Course: Entree: Cuisine: Italian: Occasion: Christmas: Theme: Seafood

Buddhist Vegetarian Stew (Lo Han Jai): Course: Entree, Soup and Stew: Cuisine: Chinese: Theme: Vegan, Vegetarian

Linguine with White Clam Sauce: Course: Entree: Cuisine: American, Italian: Theme: Seafood

Brisket: Miriam Reichl’s Corned Beef Ham: Course: Entree: Occasion: Jewish Holidays: Theme: Comfort Food, Meat



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