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World; Marian Marzynski: Return to Poland


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Marian Marzynski: Return to Poland
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Documentary series with international stories. Predecessor to FRONTLINE, executive producer David Fanning. Five seasons from 1978-1981. "WORLD has presented a series of international documentaries. One of our concerns has been to show the world as others see it, and we are committed to the idea that we should include those who normally don't have a chance to have their voices heard." -- quote from opening to Blacks Britannica (1978) Series release date: 1978

Program Description

Broadcaster Marian Marzynski returns to Poland at the age of 44. He was born in Warsaw in 1937, was not yet three when the Germans invaded Poland. When the Russians liberated Poland from the Germans, he was 8 years old and he grew up under communist rule. He left the country at the age of 32 as a disillusioned emigrant. The program follows his return, the memories it brings back and his hopes for Poland's future.



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Broadcast program

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Global Affairs
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