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China: Born Under The Red Flag

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China: Born Under The Red Flag
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This program tells the story of China's remarkable transformation after Mao Zedong's death, focusing on personal stories that are compelling and often tragic, as the Chinese have had to cope with what the film calls "failed ideals, a brutal, outmoded communism, and a harsh new capitalism." As in the earlier films in this series, the filmmakers combine never-before-seen archival footage from China with location shooting and interviews with a wide range of China's people: peasants, political prisoners, intellectuals, prostitutes, students and government officials.

This documentary recounts China's remarkable transformation after Mao Zedong's death and the takeover of Deng Xiaoping. Xiaoping was revered by the Chinese for China's economic development, his negotiations to return Hong Kong to Chinese control in 1997, and for his support of the factory workers and peasant farmers. However, he was also hated for his tyrannical control over Chinese politics, his appeal to governmental conservatives, and the "one child" policy that governed family planning. This program chronicles Xiaoping's rise to power and a political career that climaxed during the student demonstrations at Tiananmen Square.



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Global Affairs
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