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FRONTLINE / WORLD; Lebanon: The Earthquake; Liberia: No More War


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Lebanon: The Earthquake; Liberia: No More War
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Lebanon: The Earthquake: Following the recent assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri -- and decades of Syrian hegemony over Lebanon -- hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Beirut, suspecting Syrian involvement in Hariri's murder and demanding the withdrawal of Syrian troops. It was an unprecedented display of Lebanese solidarity. FRONTLINE/World reporter Kate Seelye -- the daughter of an American diplomat who has lived in Lebanon and Syria for much of her life -- navigates the forces in play and asks whether democracy or war will be next for Lebanon. Liberia: No More War : General Opande's last mission United Nations peacekeepers moved into Liberia in 2003 to help implement a peace deal and make the country secure both for civilians and for the transitional government that was put in place after President Charles Taylor was exiled. With unique access to the mission under Force Commander General Daniel Opande, FRONTLINE/World reporter Jessie Deeter, accompanies the charismatic Opande into the war-torn region as the mission faces one of its biggest challenges -- to disarm more than 100,000 former fighters and offer them an alternative to war.



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