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Arthur; I Wanna Hold Your Hand; Whistling in the Wind

WGBH Master I Wanna Hold Your Hand, 168A Whistling in the Wind, 168B

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand; Whistling in the Wind
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1502; 168A; 166B

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Each of the Arthur episodes consists of two independent stories that focus on themes and events central to children's lives. Whether it's facing down a bully, worrying about a new teacher, or being the very last person on earth to lose his baby teeth, Arthur and his friends manage to solve their third-grade dilemmas with imagination, kindness and a lot of humor. "What children love about Arthur is that he feels real to them," says Carol Greenwald, WGBH executive producer. "The emotions he experiences are universal. When Arthur triumphs over something, kids think they can, too. "The series will build on that sense of empowerment by showing how Arthur and his friends use effective, age-appropriate, problem-solving skills. Bringing a book-based series like Arthur to public television will also promote reading and writing skills. Series release date: 10/1996

Program Description

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand, 168A During a shopping trip to the mall, Binky gets caught doing the uncoolest of all the uncool things in the world –holding his mom’s hand! But wait—did George really see that or is that Binky’s worst fear? Because now won’t everyone think that big bad Binky Barnes is a big baby?

Educational objective: Binky learns that it’s not embarrassing to show affection towards a parent and that outgrowing something can vary greatly depending on the individual.

Whistling in the Wind, 168B Everyone knows the Tibbles are exactly the same. They look the same, they act the same, they even have the same number of hairs on their heads. So if they are supposed to be exactly the same, why can Tommy whistle while Timmy can’t? Does this mean one twin is better than the other or just different?

Educational objective: The Tibbles learn that while they’re the same in almost every way, different characteristics and talents make each one unique.



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Broadcast program

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Greenwald, Carol (Series Producer)
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