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Columbus and the Age of Discovery; Worlds Found and Lost

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Columbus and the Age of Discovery
Worlds Found and Lost
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Seven part documentary series which chronicles Christopher Columbus' voyage and the age in which he lived. Explores the ramifications of European exploration on both their own cultures and that of the indigenous populations. An international co-production kicking off the 500th anniversary of the first voyage of Columbus. Series filmed on location in Argentina, the Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany, Ghana, Egypt, England, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United States and Venezuela. Featuring Mauricio Obregon as the principal on-camera Columbus expert. Narrated by Will Lyman. Series release date: 10/1991

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Starting with Columbus's landfall at San Salvador, a modern sailboat and crew retrace the route of Columbus's first voyage through the Bahamas to Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, searching for the Caribbean that Columbus saw, and finding changes left in his wake.



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