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FRONTLINE / NOVA; What's Up with the Weather


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What's Up with the Weather
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FRONTLINE and NOVA join forces to address one of the most complex and important challenges facing the world today: global warming. Using graphics and "hands-on" experiments, this special presents the basic science of the greenhouse effect and examines some of the more promising solutions, including capturing CO2 by planting trees or fertilizing ocean algae and saving power with new energy delivery technologies, such as superconducting transmission lines and microwave satellites. The program combines the scientific journalism of NOVA and the investigative reporting of FRONTLINE. It takes viewers on a journey -- from the Greenland ice cap, where scientists can read 10,000 years of climate history, to the equatorial Maldives Islands threatened by rising sea levels; from the corridors of power in Washington, DC, to the rapidly growing industrial cities of China and India. It's a journey to find out how the Earth's climate system works and what the future may hold.

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