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Eric in The Evening; Ahmad Jamal

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Ahmad Jamal Interview Highlights: Ahmad Jamal complements Eric for being “a real pro”. - Ahmad Jamal speaks on wanting to have musicians in his band that can establish great empathy in the music. - Ahmad Jamal speaks on the first time having a drummer in his band that uses fours sticks at once. - Ahmad Jamal expresses his views on “old music”, “bad music” and “good music”. - Ahmad Jamal shares insight into his principles on making “good” records. - Ahmad Jamal shares insight into how Charlie Parker breathed new interpretations into “old standards” and the need for musicians to record their own music. Summary and select metadata for this record was submitted by Leonard Brown. Beginning in 1969, Eric Jackson hosted multiple jazz radio shows airing from various Boston based radio stations. He moved to WGBH in 1977 as host for “Artists in the Night”. In 1981, Eric created his own show, “Eric in the Evening”, which now airs on WGBH radio.

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Eric in The Evening
Ahmad Jamal
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Eric in the Evening debuted in 1981 with host Eric Jackson, a Boston jazz radio legend. The program features the best in jazz, in-depth looks at great artists, live interviews, and performances from the WGBH studios. Jackson's personal, mellow manner of presentation quickly made him one of WGBH's most popular personalities, interviewing and hosting live performances with a rich roster of talent from Wynton Marsalis to Ornette Coleman to Dizzy Gillespie.

In 2012 Eric Jackson received the Duke Dubois Humanitarian Award from JazzWeek, a recognition of his commitment to jazz, jazz radio, jazz education and generous service to the jazz community. Series release date: 1981



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Jamal, Ahmad, 1930-
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Jamal, Ahmad, 1930- (Interviewee)
Jackson, Eric (Interviewer)
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