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Marketplace Health Desk; July 1999

Stories aired on Marketplace (pm), Marketplace Morning Report (am) or Marketplace Money (w/e) - July 1999 TITLE, REPORTER(S), DATE, RUNTIME Anthrax Vaccine, Ott, Tanya, 7/1/1999 (am), 0:00:59 Proctor & Gamble Stops Animal Testing, Palmer, Helen, 7/1/1999 (am), 0:00:59 Vermont and Prescription Drugs, McCall, Timothy, 7/6/1999 (pm), 0:02:43 Dr., Ott, Tanya, 7/7/1999 (am), 0:01:03 Engel Verdict I, Palmer, Helen, 7/7/1999 (pm), 0:01:01 Engel Verdict II, Palmer, Helen, 7/8/1999 (am), 0:01:50 Birth Control Coverage, Ott, Tanya, 7/8/1999 (am), 0:00:58 Engel Verdict III, Glantz, Stanton, 7/8/1999 (am), 0:01:35 Are High-Tech Hospitals the Best?, Inlander, Charles, 7/8/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Engel Verdict and Tobacco Stocks, Palmer, Helen, 7/8/1999 (pm), 0:02:00 Patients' Bill of Rights Ingle, Cynthia, 7/12/1999 (am), 0:01:42 Engel Trail Penalty Phase, Ott, Tanya, 7/12/1999 (am), 0:01:09 Florida Keys, Ott, Tanya, 7/13/1999 (am), 0:00:59 HMOs and Quality, Palmer, Helen, 7/13/1999 (pm), 0:01:30 Blood Banks Marketing, Ott, Tanya, 7/14/1999 (pm), 0:05:50 Patients' Bill of Rights Voted Down, Jones, James, 7/15/1999 (pm), 0:02:34 Health Workers Wages, Ott, Tanya, 7/20/1999 (am), 0:01:14 Contraceptive Patch, Palmer, Helen, 7/21/1999 (am), 0:00:57 CDC, Ott, Tanya, 7/21/1999 (pm), 0:01:52 What Americans Want Inlander, Charles, 7/22/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Medical Privacy Law, Ott, Tanya, 7/23/1999 (am), 0:01:00 Wine's Public Enemy #1 Palmer, Helen, 7/23/1999 (pm), 0:02:19 Hospital Resident Pay Ott, Tanya, 7/26/1999 (am), 0:00:59 NEJM Fires Editor, Palmer, Helen, 7/26/1999 (pm), 0:02:02 Marijuana Fungus, Ott, Tanya, 7/27/1999 (pm), 0:01:26 The High Cost of Prescription Drugs, Kerrish, Donald, 7/27/1999 (pm), 0:02:13 HUD & Guns, Palmer, Helen, 7/28/1999 (pm), 0:02:16 Kids and Clinical Trials, St. John, Allison, 7/29/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Congress and Drugs On-Line, Marshall, Nancy, 7/30/1999 (am), 0:00:55 Laughter Therapy, Peters, Cash, 7/30/1999 (pm), 0:05:22 Approximate date: July 1999

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Marketplace Health Desk
July 1999
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