The 1975 Battle of Ban Me Thuot

SR 2080
On the end, interview with woman, H. Bot Adrong.
597, End slate
H. Bot Adrong:
First of all, during January and February when the preparations for the attack on Ban Me Thuot were taking place, I went to the fields to meet with the infrastructures in order to find out about the situation concerning the enemy and to prepare the morale of the population. During the day I was in the fields, but during the night I entered the villages. At one point, when the enemy was still stationing their troops on the Chim Blim Hill, the enemy did lob mortars into the village.
When two mortar warheads exploded, the property of some villagers was destroyed. So the next morning I led the villagers up the hill to struggle with the military commanders. The military commanders refused to admit that it was they who lobbed the warheads into the village. They said that someone else did it. So after that I told the inhabitants to carry the warhead to the Military Command and struggled it out with the commanders there until they took another look at the map and had to admit that they did it.
They apologized and said that they would not shoot like that again. Twenty days later, the enemy removed their troops from that hill. Now we are getting to the period of March 10, 1975 when the village was in struggle, when I prepared the morale of the population, rallied the people provide food and lodging for the soldiers, and readied myself to support the Liberation forces. After the province had been totally liberated, I was appointed to work in this village until today.