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tonight are physicist Michio Kaku, energy analyst Charles Komanoff, and environmentalist Barry Commoner. Seventy-two nuclear power plants are licensed to operate in the United States; but this year alone, the Nuclear Regulatory, . My first witness tonight is physicist Michio Kaku. Welcome to The Advocates, Mr. Kaku. Before we begin the questioning, let's turn now to our survey and our monitor and see just what our, radiation. Sixty percent think it's the disposal of radioactive waste, and only 2 percent don't have an opinion on that issue. Mr. Roisman, you may begin. Mr. Kaku, in the past, the nuclear industry has
Moderator: Michael Dukakis Advocate: Anthony Roisman Advocate: Avi Nelson Witnesses: Michio Kaku – Nuclear Physicist, CCNY Charles Komanoff – Energy Analyst Barry Commoner – Environmentalist, Washington University David Rossin – Commonwealth Edison Alan Manne – Stanford University Taped live at Ohio State University. Local Ohio cable subscribers with QUBE system are able to vote on many questions with their answers shown on screen during the program.
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Advocates / Should We Stop Construction Of Nuclear Power Plants?
"Borders" begins with a short dramatic piece that introduces the issues of complicity, resistance, and boundaries. This work continues to investigate these themes in the style of a documentary. In the prologue, actor Steve Buscemi plays Ted, a young scientist who goes to work at a large scientific research facility. Here he develops ideas that, much to the dismay and rebuff of his jealous fellow researchers who gather around a vending machine, are embraced by his supervisors... more
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