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any huge conviction about it, and while I did some planning, I never pursued it with the intensity I pursued other preferred solutions. And so I had my doubts but at the end I went along with it because the other alternative of unconditional withdrawal which is what most of the criticism finally, what most of our critics at the end of the day finally recommended, I thought would have catastrophic consequences for the Untied States. But, Vietnamization implied that the South, to negotiate with Dobrynin? Could you recall that? At the end of the war, at the end of the collapse of the Saigon government, we assembled a large fleet off South Vietnam for evacuation purposes. And I attempted a rather forlorn negotiation
Henry Kissinger’s involvement with Vietnam started before he was Nixon’s National Security Advisor. While at Harvard, Kissinger was a consultant on foreign policy to both the White House and State Department and in a 1973 peace agreement, Kissinger helped mediate between Washington and Hanoi. In this interview Kissinger recalls the period before he joined the Nixon White House and how he did not question the United States involvement in Vietnam... more
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